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Geocaching-Better Late Than Never

Geocaching-Better Late Than Never

When I purchased my first smart phone about a year and a half ago, another customer standing at the kiosk in Costco started telling me about this fun app that I could download on my new phone that would make me feel like a pirate searching for trinket treasures. I was over whelmed at the … Continue reading

Lazy or Spoiled or Both?

Late last night Alan and I were watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations on Netflix. It was the episode when he goes to South Korea with his good friend Nari. A true Bourdain Classic, try as Nari might, she can not get Anthony to karaoke! She gets him pretty drunk, but he will … Continue reading

Help Me Judge The Situation

The Situation: My husband, Alan, and I are sitting in a public place with lots of people all around. Alan gets up and leaves me sitting by myself with his smart phone on the table. Suddenly his phone starts making the loud sound of screaming sirens like you would hear in the event of a … Continue reading

Franks Family Smart Phone Update

As you may recall, The Franks Family now have their very own smart phones. We made the upgrade/purchase a few weeks ago and there was a news flash posted right here for your reading pleasure. Hope you had a chance to read that…if not, here is a handy-dandy link to the report: The Franks Family … Continue reading

The New Facebook~ Porn & Violence

A few days ago in my news feed on Facebook I was shocked, stunned, sickened and angry¬† at what I saw. For a split second I thought nah…couldn’t be, I’m just imagining this. Then….WAIT! I don’t imagine stuff like this!!!! Ever. Never. Ever. I quickly looked at who was posting such filth on my news … Continue reading

The Times They Are A Changing…Kind Of

It isn’t the 1960’s anymore! Back in the 60’s it was all about the Space Race and how the United States of America was going to be the first to put a man on the moon. Our opponent….Russia. And the Russians were pretty good competition. They were ahead of us in manned spaceflight and heavy … Continue reading