I was Freshly Pressed on January 5, 2012 with my post “I Simply Can’t Parallel Park”. What a surprise to say the least. That was a post I threw together without much thought! Isn’t writing funny like that? It was certainly a high for a few days. Now my daily stats look all lop-sided from that free for all! I gained quite a few new subscribers and hope to keep you all entertained. Tall order, I know. I believe I have much better writings within my archives, take a look won’t you?

I have received numerous awards and I am honored and blessed by my fellow bloggers who have felt my ramblings are note worthy enough to bestow such recognition. I am sure I haven’t followed all the “rules for acceptance”. That’s okay. I am known to break the rules from time to time!

The Liebster Blog Award is for blogs that have less than 200 followers. Autumn Sunshine and Gabrielle Angel nominated me for this, my first award. I am not breaking any rules here…still less than 200 followers.

The 7X7 Link award gives you a chance to link up some of your favorite pieces in one spot and lets people have a chance to read what you think is worth reading. Isn’t it all worth a read? Elyse over at fiftyfourandahalf, thank goodness she didn’t change her name after her birthday, honored me with this prestigious award!

I have been nominated for this award 4 times!  So it’s high time I make it official and place this award on my shelf. Thank you RVingGirl, yoongz,  mj monaghan and sunshine for believing I am a versatile blogger!

The Candle Lighter Award

Another Award granted by Autumn and Gabby! They believe my blog is inspirational! Thanks twinnies. You guys are very thoughtful! All I had to do to accept this award was to say thank you to the gifters. That was easy!

One Lovely Blog Award! Thanks to my good friend Elyse…even though she is mad at me for getting Freshly Pressed! Am I still a lovely blogger Elyse? Or do you want to take this one back to the blogging store for an exchange. Maybe a Stupid Luck Award!

But it’s okay because Autumn and Gabby nominated me as well so, I think I’ll keep it.

Sunshine gifted me the Kreativ Blogger Award. I love how Creative is spelled all goofy. Reminds me of how much I use spell check when I’m posting!

But the Kreativ Blogger Award has a long history…

This award started in 2008 when an Norwegian Lady named Hulda uses fabrics to create the first Kreative Blogger logo, and gave it to her sister and 3 other friends who she thought are creative. Her sister and friends passed the logo on to other bloggers whom they liked, and thus the trend began.

Thanks Sunshine for this beautiful Award!

I am genuine, yes I am. I am not a bot and I am not using a pen name. What you see is what you get! Thanks again to my award buddies Autumn and Gabby. Nobody can ever say you twins don’t share.


5 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Congratulations Lori!! This is a wonderful page and listen, you deserve all the honors from these awards. I really like this Fresh & Clean theme. So fresh and clean! 🙂
    Oh, and I’m glad you explained the background of the Kreativ award . . . mystery solved!

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