Frozen State Of Mind

I’m tired of being cold.

There is a certain topic Alan and I talk about from time to time, usually when I’m shivering, “Eskimos“. During the dialogue about these enduring human beings I always make the statement, “If we were Eskimos I would become nomadic and leave my igloo straight away in search of the life-giving force…warmth.” Alan replies, ” I’d be right behind you baby!” He can withstand cold temperatures better than I but enjoys a warm day swinging in a hammock over chopping wood in the snow anytime.

Over the past month I have been freezing. Not like an Eskimo but in my mind, close, very close. For 2 weeks our neck of the woods has been below freezing temperatures with no end in sight according to WeatherBug. This is a bit unsettling to me. Granted they can only forecast a week out and I know the weather is ever-changing, but it isn’t even officially winter yet.

I am trying to make the best of the situation. Dressing warm, keeping the fire stoked in the wood stove, wearing 2 pairs of gloves to do chores outdoors, making huge crock pots of homemade soup and fighting off the urge to hibernate like a bear, sleeping in as late as I can under my electric blanket.

The Frozen Tundra-My Driveway

The Frozen Tundra-My Driveway

I feel a little bit like this tiny patch of grass in my driveway. I’m stuck here, with frozeness all around me.

This feeling might be true for this winter. We are kind of planted here for a while. But Alan and I both are coming to the conclusion we don’t like the cold as much as we love being warm. Which leads to exploring options and ideas on becoming nomadic. Snow birds or full-time residents somewhere warm is sounding more wonderful each passing freezing day.


4 thoughts on “Frozen State Of Mind

  1. Hey Lori.

    First of all, hello and Happy Holidays. (Damn, I’ve heard that so many times I’ve forgotten how to say Merry Christmas). But, Happy Holidays does cover both Christmas and New Years, and it accommodates a few friends of mine of other beliefs, or no beliefs but they like to have fun, so I guess it’s not all that bad of a greeting after all.

    Where are you guys these days? I thought you were kind of permanently in Arizona where snow and cold would never be an issue again. But if you’ve moved back to northern climes, and have to whine about it, then of course I’ll have to remind you about my neck of the woods which isn’t all that far from where the real Eskimos live. (I’m assuming none of the very few Inuit People I know won’t ever read this because if they saw me referring to them as Eskimos some very bad things would happen to me) Our weather has been all over the place. We’ve had a number of days of -40 temperatures. The only good thing about that temperature is that’s when the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are the same so I don’t have to do conversions for my American friends. Other than that it’s horrible. And to be honest we haven’t seen a lot of that kind of cold for a number of years. (Insert the cracking voice of an old man here) I remember the first year I moved to Edson and the temperature went down to -45 and cold for a month. Some nights we saw -52. That just doesn’t happen any more. The other anomaly this year is the snow. This part of the world (but not all of Canada) is pretty dry. We get snow for sure, and given the cold temps, the first snow flake to fall usually stays until spring, but most years we don’t really get a lot of snow. This year I think we’ve already had close to three feet. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a teensy bit, but two for sure, and it ain’t gonna melt.

    Enough about weather. I hope you and yours are going well, where ever you are, and really do wish you all the best for the holiday season, whatever you may wish to call it.


    • Dear Al,
      Merry Christmas, Happy Holidaze!
      I am now a full time resident in the wonderful green state of Oregon.Lack of work in Arizona and the longing of family and friends back home called us to return. I feel as I get older I have the right to whine about being cold. It is after all a right granted with age! I remember my great grandmother coming to visit us when I was high school age and complaining the whole entire time that she was cold through and through and didn’t believe she would ever thaw out. I now understand, although I am not of great grandmother status, yet 🙂
      Al, I thought you were going to transplant to Guadalajara for the winters? Become a snow bird? It is tempting to look into Mexico for warmer climes especially for the winter months. Not too expensive for airfare or living costs. We are investigating this option for the future.I know you have spent much time south of the boarders and if you could spare me some time maybe you could share some thoughts and opinions. Do you have my email? Or message me on Facebook!
      Did you ever find your stamps? 🙂

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