Weather Or Not

“If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”

That’s a saying Oregonians tote around in their back pockets to throw at unsuspecting complainers spouting random whines about the clime here in “God’s Country”.

And it is terribly true. The weather can change in the blink of an eye. From cool, gray mist, huddling under a warm blanket, into sunglass donning, peeling off the sweatshirt heat in a matter of seconds.

Yesterday was sort of that day. Except it did not reach the warm temperatures of shorts or tank tops, sadly. It is only the beginning of June after all.

I do believe the foundation of my weather problem lies in the fact that we have had real summer like weather for almost 2 whole weeks.  Imagine that! Last year, almost to the day when we moved here it was pouring rain and cold enough to build a fire in the woodstove as we unpacked our moving van. Such a contrast from loading the van in the 100 degrees at night temperature when exiting Phoenix, AZ.

And here is another prime example of the reason I am on a rant about the indecisive weather here in Oregon, I have not acclimatized! I lived in Arizona for almost 4 years where it is only hot. Hot with a chance of heat. Hot with a chance of sweat. Hot with a chance of dehydration. Hot. I loved it.

Oregon is not hot. Maybe for 2 days it can be hot. But that is why Oregon is Green.

Oregon is green with a chance of drizzle. Green with a chance of showers. Green with a chance of downpour. Green with a slight chance of a sun ray peeking out for a guest appearance for an afternoon.

Sometimes I wonder if the state of Oregon doesn’t own shares in laundry detergent manufacturing companies. Think about it…

Everyone I know around here has to wear 3 separate outfits to accommodate the ever-changing weather conditions. Starting off the day with under armor,  leggings, or thermals. paired with sweats or hoodies. Later in the day you either peel off these layers to expose or find somewhere to change into long-sleeved t-shirts, light weight pants or jeans. Finally during some part of the day you can wear a pair of shorts or maybe even a sleeveless top. But don’t misplace that sweatshirt jacket because you are definitely going to need it by evening or sooner, just depends on the jet stream.

Being a Oregonian also means you must save space in the trunk of your car for all the shoes you will need to change throughout the day. A good pair of Uggs or a similar off brand style for warmth, nice hiking boots that are rain proof, a random pair of tennis shoes, sandals or flip-flops in case of that brief sun moment, and every prepared Oregonian carries a pair of hip waders…just in case.

Today is gray with a chance of umbrella.

I guess real Oregonians don’t carry umbrellas. They are immune to precipitation.

Not me. I have lived here most of my life and I always make sure there is room in my car for an umbrella or two.




5 thoughts on “Weather Or Not

  1. Hey Lori, How are you doing? “If you don’t like the weather wait five minutes” applies to a lot of NA. Certainly here on the east side of the Rockies, and I think anywhere near the ocean(s). So far we’ve had weird weather. I like to say, even if it’s only mid June, “it was a great summer, too bad I had to work that day”.

    Nothing is typical anymore, but typically May can be a very dry and nice month for us, June and July on the wet side, August and on dry and nice. August being the only month of the year (so far) we haven’t had snow. I’ve been told that in the last 25 years we’ve only had two Fathers Days without rain.

    BTW, two years ago I did a little run away in January. Went to Vancouver BC to meet a new grandson, then headed south. I did the Oregon coast, and although the weather wasn’t the greatest, I could see why so many people fall in love with it. Is everyone on the Oregon coast a hippie, or was that just my experience?

    The rest of my trip was very good, but I really fell in love with San Diego, and still am trying to figure out how I can afford to retire there.

    All my best to all of your family, Al

  2. Hi, Lori! I made a promise to myself when I returned to Oregon from Vermont! After four Winters in the deep freeze of 36 below ZERO, I’d never complain about being “cold” in Oregon! I don’t either! Just dig out another sweat shirt and put on another pair of socks! Now, I Praise God for the rain since Portland charges an arm and four legs for it’s water! And they have three huge rivers rushing to the ocean? Go figure! I’ll take our lovely mist over the frozen flakes in VT or the drippy stuff clinging to your slippery body in Louisiana! Love yo Mom

    • Hi, again, Lori! Looks like your (Yo) Mom can’t spell! Sorry about the type-o. I’ll do better next time. Love you! Mom

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