Geocaching-Better Late Than Never

When I purchased my first smart phone about a year and a half ago, another customer standing at the kiosk in Costco started telling me about this fun app that I could download on my new phone that would make me feel like a pirate searching for trinket treasures. I was over whelmed at the time, what with all this new technology at my finger tips I could not wrap my head around this thing called a “geocaching” app. I did download it at the time, but there it sat unnoticed, in my applications, not on my home page, so it was out of sight and out of mind. That is until this past week.

There I was minding my own business, perusing my apps to see which ones I should uninstall, when c:geo jumped out at me. Kind of like finding a geocache.

I thought to myself, “Hey, self! That guy over a year ago told me this was fun. I need some fun. I should check it out.”

So I did. And I got Alan involved. Because he needs some fun too.

For a few days we checked out the maps, descriptions, log books and general information on local caches. The log entries were the clincher when it came to the decision of giving this adventure a try. Everyone commented on how much fun they were having, going out and hunting for hidden geocaches with little treasures inside, or maybe just a log book to sign.

Today was the day we went out on our first geocaching adventure. Let me just state that I thought it was going to be a breeze. I was wrong. After our first 3 attempts and not being able to locate supposedly easy caches, I was disappointed and ready to say, “This is stupid!” But good pirates don’t give up the hunt and they continue to read their treasure maps until they find where “X” marks the spot. We were hunting in semi-rural areas and started heading towards the big city of Grants Pass, Oregon.

When I looked at the live map for the Grants Pass area I was encouraged somewhat at the possibility of finding a cache. There were over 500 hidden caches in Grants Pass and the outlying area.

Alan found our very first geocache. I was so excited. He wanted me to be the first to find one but it didn’t matter to me, I was just elated that we finally found one. For those of you familiar with the area it was at the Parkway Valley Mall. Hidden near the parking lot. Inside the camo’ed water proof can was a log book, a snap bracelet, a poker chip and a smiley face. One of the rules of geocaching is; if you take a trinket you have to replace it with something of equal value. We did not take any trinkets today but I did place some yellow glass beads for someone else to enjoy. We found a total of 4 urban caches today and the best was the last one I found titled, ” Bo Peep”.

Bo Peep Cache

Bo Peep Cache

Before I even found this cute little sheep, I knew my grandson would love to go out with us hunting for treasures. Finding this adorable blue lamb sealed the deal. I am always telling him he has eagle eyes. If he had been with us today we probably would have found every cache we set out to find.

This will be a fun activity for years to come with our family. I wish I had wrapped my head around this app over a year ago, but better late than never.



3 thoughts on “Geocaching-Better Late Than Never

  1. wonder if they do this everywhere? I sent it to Linda and she was excited to hear about it, for the boys and Grand Kids. Not for her, but Chris and daniel and Lee will really get into it! Love ya–Mom

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