Golf Carts…The Only Way To Putt, Putt

Aliesha has District Tournaments next week. Hurray!

As I reported before, High School teams are not allowed to use golf carts or even wheeled golf bag carriers. They are required to lug their bags on their backs like neanderthals. It is a bad situation for her because her back has really been bothering her, to the point of taking a week off from practice, doctors orders. But she is recovering and back in the game.

Just in time, with districts next week. She is very excited about the possibility of going to State. Her team really does have a chance!

Her coach asked that the girls play 9 holes yesterday at the local course in preperation for the days ahead. Aliesha wasn’t looking forward to playing because she just had a tournament the day before and was tired and sore. Since this was a “go get a tee time on your own time” practice, I suggested we get a cart. Boy, she jumped at that idea.

Illinois Valley Golf Cart

Illinois Valley Golf Cart

With a golf cart there are so many conveniences, besides a spot for your bags in the back you get these cool water bottle holders.

I laughed when after teeing off on the first hole Aliesha started “walking” to reach her ball. I asked her, “Watcha doin’ walking? We got this awesome cart here!”

“Oh yeah!”

Golf Carts Rock

Golf Carts Rock

2013-05-03 12.40.44

We brought my grandson along for the fun. Aliesha really wants to get him excited about golf. And he is showing signs of interest. He was trying (as best as a 6 year old can) to listen to Aliesha tell him some of the rules, like not running on the greens, no talking, yelling or laughing or chasing the geese while someone is addressing the ball, no picking up someones ball off the course and putting it in your pocket and most of all….no kicking someones ball while you are holding the flag near the hole as said ball is slowly rolling past the hole! The look on her face was similar to the one I had when she was 6 years old and picked one of my Naked Lady blossoms from my garden. I remember feeling honored that she wanted to pick me a beautiful flower, but why the one that only blooms once a year? It was perfect to see her biting her tongue…knowing that her nephew was only trying to help her get that ball in the hole.

She went back and replayed the hole.

Putting on a sandy green.

Putting on a sandy green.




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