Golfing Cave Junction Style

To really understand my title you must have some background on the area where I live now. Cave Junction, Oregon is a very small burg that boasts a population of about 2000 people. I’m not sure because we don’t have one of those informational signs when you enter the “city limits” that tells you the population or elevation of said town. Maybe I should suggest such a sign at the next town meeting, or not.

Cave Junction is well-known for its diversity of inhabitants. Hippies and Rednecks live together harmoniously in our neck of the woods. We have other types of people living here as well, me for instance, I am neither a hippie or a redneck. Not sure what I would be labeled, but I’m accepted.  What makes Cave Junction most unusual is the vegetarians and deer hunters living together peacefully.

It is a very unique place to live, no doubt about it!  Take golfing at the local course as an example. Here is diversity personified…

Golfing CJ Style

Golfing CJ Style

You can even sport leggings, flowery headbands and go barefoot to play a round and no one says, “Get off the course until you are properly dressed!”

This photo was taken of my daughter Aliesha during golf practice a few days ago. I wish I could claim ownership of this photo but I cannot. I found this posted on Facebook and one of the comments said, “We have the best high school golf team ever!”

Don’t fret my copyright infringement Gestapo friends…I asked permission to use the photo on my blog and was told, “Go for it!”


15 thoughts on “Golfing Cave Junction Style

  1. Wow what a difference from here in Augusta,GA were the Master’s Golf tournament is played. You can’t even get in unless your invited and you better be properly dressed. I have a friend in S

  2. _some how I sent this with out finishing it- I was saying I have a friend in San Diego that loves golf. I went over to the Augusta national and the gate was open ,no guard at the gate and shot a few photos and sent them to him, he was happy to have them. Would like a copy on some of them?

  3. Update on Aliesha’s Game…
    She has districts next week. Monday and Tuesday. She will play one day in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I am not sure of the course. Then on Tuesday she plays in Medford, Oregon at Centennial Golf Course. Her team has a good chance to go to State. We are hoping for a great district outcome! She will be wearing her golf uniform, visor and golf shoes!!!!

  4. I just moved to a town in Idaho with a population of a little over 500 like that. Well … not quite like that perhaps. They get two to three months of beautiful weather and then very VERY harsh winter. Good places to live are very special indeed.

    • Isn’t it cool when diverse people can live together amicably?
      I am sorry about your winters, I hate winter. I was spoiled while we lived in Phoenix. No winter. But summers…well…
      You are right, good places to live are special and cherished!!

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