Golf Is A Four Letter Word

Aliesha joined the high school golf team this year. This is big because she always talks about joining groups and clubs but never seems to follow through. She has never golfed before, so it’s also big that she made varsity. She has a natural golfing talent. There are many avid golfers in the family, maybe that’s where it comes from. She sure didn’t inherit the golfing gene from her mother, that’s for sure. I suck at golf. What I love about the game is the park like setting and sunny walks over the greens and hazards.

We live in a tiny community. I believe the population is around 2500. But we have a golf course! And it’s frequented a lot by all walks of people. Pretty cool.

Free Golf on Your Birthday!

Free Golf on Your Birthday!

The course only has 9 holes, so run it twice and you have 18. They offer a free game of golf on your birthday. How can you go wrong by playing a round of golf on your birthday, unless it’s thundering and lightening up a storm? Aliesha can play there any time she wants for free since she’s on the high school team. That’s a sweet deal too.

The course is beautiful, even for it’s small size.

Welcome to the IV Golf Course

Welcome to the IV Golf Course

Smelling the Flowers...

Smelling the Flowers…

The Mens League Saddling Up

We Have Golf Carts Even

Poor Aliesha, her back has been bothering her from carting her clubs all over hill and dale on her back. On high school teams you are not allowed to use motorized carts or even the small wheeled bag caddies. So you have to walk the entire course with your bag on your back. I guess you got to love the game to be that committed. Give me the golf cart and a cold drink, please.

Aliesha On The Green

Aliesha On The Green

Here is the girl on hole 5 at IV Golf course. I believe it is a par 4. This photo was taken at her last tournament. She was 1 over par. I know there is a name for 1 over par, but I don’t know if it is called a birdie, eagle, double eagle or what. I guess I need to learn these things if I’m going to be a real golf mom. Anyhow, she shot real lousy the front nine, I won’t even tell you the number. But on the back nine she shot a 48, which is amazing. Now if she could have shot the front as good as the back… we would have had a totally freaking out golf moment. As it was, she was teary eyed at her back nine success.

What is shocking to her is how many golf pros we have in our community. Since she has started playing, random people will come up to her and commence to give her golfing tips. For instance we were at a local restaurant the other evening and the server started telling her how she needed to correct her stance and swing.

I was thinking, who are you and when have you seen my daughter golf? You are serving us drinks. What is your day job? Are you the local pro who gives lessons on the side? Didn’t think so.

Another moment was when a family friend came over and took her out in the front yard to do some chipping. Because he had that chipping down you know. When they came back inside Aliesha had a big grin on her face. Later she told me, when he wasn’t around…,”Yeah, I kicked his ass and didn’t listen to any of his tips.” Probably didn’t help his game that he had been drinking most of the afternoon.

This last story is epic. I was waiting in the car to pick her up from practice. I noticed that she stopped and talked to a young boy and two men, probably the dad and grandpa, on the 9th green. As she approached the car I saw that she had a distorted look on her face. She said, “That was the strangest conversation I’ve ever had.”

Aliesha to the young boy (Sweetly): Hey, that was a great putt!

Dad Man(Snarly): Yeah, he should putt great, he won state junior league last year.

Aliesha: Oh…awesome…

Grandpa Man(Loudly): Austin

Aliesha: What?

Grandpa Man(More Loudly): Austin. His name is Austin.

Aliesha: Oh….okay.

The boy never said a word.

Golf is such a emotional game. You can love it one day and hate it the next. Or better yet, love it on hole 3 and hate it on hole 7. I just never know what type of mood Aliesha will be in when I go to pick her up from practice. Some days she will be crying tears of joy and other times red in the face and tears of anger. I am happy that she found a sport that she truly enjoys.

As a golf mom I need to learn to ask her before I ask, ” How was your game?” to ask, “Is golf a four letter word that starts with “L” or “H” today?”




5 thoughts on “Golf Is A Four Letter Word

  1. I have about seven unanswered emails from blogggers I subscribe to. When I saw yours in that batch I thought to myself ,”Heh, There’s Lori’s I’ll read her’s first.“ I can’t tell you if it was well written because I don’t remember very much about that . All I can say is I’m glad your back writing again. I enjoy your prose.

    • I am honored mhdriver that you read mine first! Thanks for not remembering if it was well written or not, it probably isn’t and some things are better left unknown. I was reading a random post yesterday and a professor commented that the writer used a beginning statement too often. I did not even notice. The writer took the advice gracefully but I would probably never write again.

      On another note…I had a realization about your user name. Motor Home Driver! If I”m wrong, don’t correct me or I’ll never comment again. 🙂

      • Your right! We had two kind of small dogs that thought the motor home was their’s and I was just the driver. Now you got the short version.

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