Third From The Top

“this is why i know how i must momentarily stop and reflect on at least four things that i am so thankful for everyday.”

How perfect is that? I seriously promise this was my 3rd from the top, 3rd sentence down in The Blogs I Follow. Thank you Simply Charming for being at the right place at the right time!

I must confess that I am not the type of person who has thankfulness in the forefront of their mind, even half of the time. It’s not that I am not thankful, it’s just that I don’t think about being thankful. I am very thankful for the blessings in my life. I just need to work on exercising the thankfulness attribute. So this will be the perfect opportunity for a 30 minute thankfulness workout. Don’t mind the sweat…

Grace. Number one.

The Grace of God is my religion. I am so very thankful that it is by Grace and nothing that I do, that I am saved from myself. What a perfectly orchestrated plan by our Creator. He knew we couldn’t do it on our own, so He provided a way for us to be made whole, where all we have to do is accept His gift of Grace. I accept that gift with a heart full of gratitude and thankfulness.

Family. Number Two.

When we were living in Arizona we had no family nearby. Sad I know.Β  It was difficult not seeing my grand kids whenever I wanted.Β  But we had great friends and they were there for us. They filled the need for relationship. So friends are included in number 2. Now that we are back in Oregon we are near so much family it is crazy relative humidity. But I like it and I’m thankful. Family is what it is all about. I am thankful for my husband, kids, grand children, parents and siblings. I am thankful they put a smile on my face and laughter in my heart.

A recent text from from my grand kids…

Dogs snake pigs apple deer flag ear lizards hi grandma its Zephyn n dejah. Whenever you see a lizard catch it for me its zephyn. I love u so much its dejah. In summertime ill pick a flower for u. Kalia says hi.

Melting with thankfulness.


Franks Style

Good Health. Number Three.

Some people just name Health as something they are thankful for. I specify Good Health. Because I have had more than my fair share of bad health, I clarify that I am thankful for my current Good Health. I have Grace to thank for this condition. It is wonderful to wake up every morning and be well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Small things in Life. Number Four.

( It’s going to look like the text from my grand kids.)

My husband making me 2 great cups of coffee every morning, sometimes in bed, most times. My cat Zildjian. He is the coolest cat. I tell him all the time. Thankful he didn’t die the day before Easter from eating the Easter lily on the kitchen table. My new electric blanket. I love, love that warm comfort. Sunny days. Bike rides. Shopping with my daughter. Driving past Lake Selmac everyday. The squirrels recently appearing at the feeder we bought last year. The birds entertaining me outside my window. Golden sunsets. Spring flowers, like beautiful primroses, yellow daffodils, red tulips and the flowering plum trees. They remind me winter is over and summer is on the way. I have a washer and dryer at home that work!Β  Pandora radio. My Smart Phone. I have learned to love that thing. Money to pay my bills, especially my cell phone bill. Thankful I haven’t had to go out and get a real job for almost a year. Margaritas, Mikes Hard Cranberry Lemonade and take ‘n bake pizzas. Hair dye.

I get to drive past this beauty every day

I get to drive past this beauty every day

So that wasn’t so bad. I didn’t even break a sweat. I think I will try to incorporate this workout into my daily schedule.





9 thoughts on “Third From The Top

  1. Lori, It seems to me you have a lot to be thankful for ,and you have. It took me a while in my life to figure out what I had to be thankful for. When I got there I had to give God most of the credit. So I say to anyone that wants to hear ,”Thank you God”.
    And I have a 1000 more behind that.

    • Oregon is very picturesque. And green. There is a reason for this green beauty, it is called precipitation and lots of it. At this very moment it is snowing! I thought that foolishness was over for the season. This too shall pass. I am ever so thankful for a warm fire in the woodstove and my cozy electric blanket this evening! Thanks for stopping by mhdriver πŸ™‚

      • Since we moved into our new house it has been cold. Moved in into it in January. I agree with you our fire place has been keeping the house warm for several months and it has kept our electric bill much lower. With the forest just out our back door we can find plenty of wood lying around to burn. If only I could find some way to do the samee with the airconditioner

  2. oh, this is serendipity at its finest moment…i start reading your first line and thinking, hmm, this looks familiar…ha ha. your Oregon is gorgeous, Lori! this was delightful reading…thank you! β™₯

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