Spring Is Here

Weekly Photo Challenge- A Day in my Life

Spring in the Pacific Northwest






10 thoughts on “Spring Is Here

    • Thanks! I have been mulling posting and finally got my arse in gear. I sure hope to make it a regular habit again. I will spare you all the stupid reasons why I have been absent. Some things are better left unsaid….or better yet, some of the stories could actually be fun posts!

      • You can never run out of blogging material when you’re just living your normal day, I think. But good for you for jumping back there.

  1. Thank God spring is here I’m tired of the cold weather. Now if we can just get through the rainy season. Glad to see that spring is there for you,good photos of spring….

  2. hey Lori! okay, your glimpse here into Oregon looks lovely…i especially love the yellow/purple flowers…is that wild flowers growing? if it is, Wow!

    • Those yellow purple flowers are primroses. I bought them at the garden shop in Fred Meyers. I especially love primroses because they provide wonderful color so early in spring. I have had them receive copious amounts of snow and keep on blooming. If you keep them in a shady cool place they can even be a perennial.

      • serious? the primroses stay outside during the winter and still bloom in spring? if so, i will definitely grow some primroses. that is neat! thanks!

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