My First Tattoo

Months ago I blogged about getting my first tattoo. To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo?…That Is Not The Question and My First Tattoo… Update were the posts that I published concerning the ink matter. Now I am ecstatic to report that the art project is complete and the finished piece is far beyond what I had imagined. My subtitle for this post should be: Go Big or Go Home!

I would like to share some of my experiences during this project, maybe some sound advice if you are considering a tattoo and thoughts about tattooing and art in general.

First of all I believe you shouldn’t jump into a tattoo if you want some ink just to be cool. I have seen so many terrible tattoos and I feel sorry for the living canvas because they are stuck with that bad art forever or until they can afford a good cover-up artist. Think of your skin as priceless real estate. Don’t have a shack built, wait until you can afford the mansion.

I remember when I was searching for my artist, I interviewed a guy who told me he could whip my tattoo out in a couple of hours. I thought, “You aren’t whipping anything out on me!” That would be my second piece of advice…find an artist you can connect with.

I spent almost 8 hours in 3 separate sittings under the needle with Taryn Moore. She is an awesome artist and person. She was working at Club Tattoo in Mesa, AZ. when she inked my first tattoo. She has since moved to San Francisco and is working in a brand new Club Tattoo location on Pier 39. I love her so much that I am flying down this spring/summer to have her do some more work. On her profile she states, “Working closely with clientele and experiencing the uniqueness of each person is what makes tattooing that much more fulfilling to me.”  That’s the type of artist I want!

Enough advice…more about my personal experience.

The pain was not so bad the first sitting. Taryn did all the outlining and it took about 2 hours. I sat there thinking, “What’s all the fuss about. This doesn’t hurt at all!” But the second sitting proved to be a little tougher. Once you start shading the pain increases. I also learned there are more sensitive areas on the body, such as close to the arm pit! By the third sitting I was having to go to a happy place to endure through the pain. But proudly I can say I never had Taryn stop. Believe me I wanted to!

My choice of art is special to me. My husband Alan helped design the piece. We gave Taryn a beautiful sketch Alan rendered and let her run with it. The 3 hibiscus flowers represent my 3 children, the butterflies represent my granddaughters and the dragonflies are my grandsons. If you look closely the word “Grace” is written in the vines. Grace sums up my religious beliefs in one word.

As I feared, I now know this will not be my first and last tattoo. They are addictive! I heard a saying once… Tattoos are like Lay’s Potato Chips, nobody can have just one.

I will have a new grand baby this spring, so I will have to add another bug to the portrait. This spring also marks my 10 year anniversary of being cancer free and I want to commemorate with a special tattoo. Not just a pink ribbon….oh no! We will just have to see how the creative juices flow on that one.


6 thoughts on “My First Tattoo

  1. WOW! That is some tat! I am guessing it is on your shoulder? The design and colors are beautiful! Congratulations!!
    Thanks for sharing…it was a long wait! 🙂

    • Thanks Sunshine. Yes it is on my right shoulder. The only problem with the placement is I can’t see it without looking in the mirror. Sometimes I forget it’s there. 😦 Sometimes I wish it was where I could see it and admire it more!

  2. Lori! You better hope the “kids” stop having kids or you’ll have to increase the area! Bet the back bone and arm pit areas are really painful to do! Not for me! Go for it, girl! Love you! Mom

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