I Lied About Moving Tactics

Oregon Welcomes Me Home

If you happen to read my “Public Profile” page composed last year, you will find some pertinent facts about my particular likes and dislikes.  And if you pay close attention to the things I hate, moving is at the very top of the list. Number 1 hate. I have often been known to make the statement, “I would rather have a root canal than move.” Especially now that root canals are not near as painful as they were years ago.

Sadly I lied about my strong hatred of packing up everything I own and moving to another residence. Because in parentheses, I made the quote, in writing… in blood….”Next time I’m selling everything!”

Lies, all lies.

When we first made the decision to move back to Oregon from Phoenix, Arizona back in May…I boldly shouted, “Let’s sell, give away or burn everything we have.”

It was the perfect plan.

We were just going to pack photo albums and a few other irreplaceable  items into a small pick-up truck and run for it. Problem was we didn’t own a small pick-up truck. After checking into the purchase of a truck in Arizona that we would have to register and license in Oregon, the decision was made to rent a moving truck.

All in all it was the right decision. But it was not fun. I still think a huge bonfire would have been way more entertaining.

Packing with an emotional teenager who didn’t want to say goodbye to her friends, sorting what to keep and what to toss, finding a million boxes and meticulously packing them, loading the moving truck in June, which boasts 110 degrees in Phoenix, the car breaking down the day before we leave, combined with switching  moving van companies the day of renting the equipment made a genuine, “Move From Hell”.

On the Sunny Side….

We survived the 1,100 mile trek. No traveling mishaps! It is only 3 months later and I am pretty much unpacked, (we won’t discuss the items still in storage from our move 4 years ago when we relocated to AZ.!)  Aliesha has adjusted and is starting school with a reacquainted friend. The first day in a new school is much more bearable if you have a friend! And the best part of our move back to Oregon is we are getting to spend tons of time with family and friends that we truly missed during our stay in Phoenix. Grandkids are the best and it is a blessing to be able to see them more than once a year.


I am still sticking to my Number 1 hate, although I recant on the statement that, “Next time I will sell everything!” Because I know it isn’t true. Sadly I will be packing it all into boxes and taking it with me.


4 thoughts on “I Lied About Moving Tactics

  1. Oh, Lori! You have my genes, you poor thing! I’m going to be a real mean Mom and “leave” you ALL of my stuff! I believe, totally, in The Starvation Army, Goodwill and St. Vincent’s De Paul! Call that truck!! Love it that you are back in Oregon! Mom

    • Daniel & Nell have been “going through” things the past few weeks, downsizing. She called and asked me today if I wanted some movie DVD’s. Guess what I said?

      I can’t believe I am so stupid! Just more stuff to pack up the next time

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