Golf Carting Franks Style

By: Daniel Franks
I was bro’in down with a good friend, and somehow we got to talking about his golf cart. I told him how I wanted to get one so that Nell could drive from our property to her parents super cheap and laid back. He told me I could have his old one, I just might need to fix it up a little bit. A few days later I was driving by his parents house and I had an empty flat bed trailer, I… thought that was pretty serendipitous, so I threw it on the back of the trailer with my brothers help. We dropped it off at my father in law’s. I think he was genuinely happy I had a fixer-upper golf cart, but a little bummed I was storing it in his front yard. A few days went by and I was like we gotta get this thing out of here Monty, and we agreed to tow it over to my property.The front of the golf cart has a 1″ ball hitch that we attached about 30′ of chain to and then to the hitch on his diesel truck. The ride down his 3/4 mile driveway was chill, just a little dusty so I put the mask on. It all hit the fan when we got on pavement. It probably felt really comfortable for Monty up in the front seat of his truck, but I was crying. Crying and praying. I would have swore we were going over forty miles an hour. I had no windshield, seatbelt, or protective gear. I had flip-flops and boardshorts. The golf cart was shaking and shimmying so bad I was sure it was going to fall apart at any second, and at best I was leaving all kinds of parts and debris behind me.
This is the good part though-
Monty doesn’t see the driveway until a little late and slows down a little abruptly. Golf Cart has no brakes whatsoever. Monty see’s me gaining on him fast so he pulls into the other lane and starts to turn into the driveway. I can’t slow down fast enough so I am now passing him on his passenger side. So picture this, because this is what happened: an older couple from California drive up in their Toyota Tundra to find their daughter who disappeared into the hills of Cave Junction with her slacker hippy boyfriend. Now they are driving down some random paved road looking for her based off of directions she left them on a napkin. When around the corner comes, what the…. And like a scene off of Madmax, it’s me and Monty. Monty driving in their lane and me (masked) driving in the other lane with a chain pulled tight between the two vehicles. Hide your women, your money, and your gas. Their eyes were really big. But then I came to a rolling stop, and Monty pulled in front of me to let them by. Then they saw the flip-flops and realized everything was going to be ok, and they could go on looking for Julie.
Too bad no one knows her by that name anymore…. because she calls herself Luna-Dance now.
I submit this guest submission on my blog today. Daniel, my oldest son, lives life on the adventuresome side. I wonder where he gets that trait from?

6 thoughts on “Golf Carting Franks Style

  1. Love it! Sort of like a slap-stick comedy! How was Daniel going to stop the thing? Put his flip-flop down on the road as a brake? Funny!

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