Hot Seat

It was a warm summer day. The kind of day that makes you wish everyday was summer. Not too hot. Not a Phoenix, Arizona, 115 degree burn. Nope, a just perfect warm summer day.

“Let’s go shopping,” Lynn said to her mother.

“Okay, that sounds fun,” replied Shelly.

“I’ll drive.” Lynn began searching for her car keys.

As the ladies climbed in the car and rolled down the windows a cool breeze blew through their hair. It felt refreshing and calming. But after 15 minutes of driving Shelly began to feel quite warm.

“Hey Lynn, can we turn on the AC? I feel a bit warm.” Shelly was beginning to form a bead of sweat on her brow.

“Mom, it’s not even hot. Roll your window down some more. It’s just beautiful outside.” Lynn stuck her arm out of the driver’s side window a bit to feel the cool air rushing past.

Shelly rolled her window down about halfway. Now her hair was getting all messed up. After a few more minutes Shelly felt even warmer and her back was all sweaty.

“Really Lynn, I am pretty hot. Can’t we roll up the windows and turn the AC on?”

“Seriously Mom, it is such a nice day and I like the windows down. I can’t believe your hot. It’s perfect out. Here drink some water.” Lynn handed her mother a water bottle half full of cold water.

Shelly guzzled the water. It helped a little, but soon Shelly was very uncomfortable again.

“Lynn, I’m not joking. I’m burning up. My back and my butt are all sweaty and now my hair is a mess!” Shelly was not in a good mood.

“Honestly Mom, are you not feeling well? Maybe you are coming down with something. Do you feel like you are running a fever?” Lynn showed concern.

“Can we just turn on the AC?” Shelly retorted, not feeling refreshed or calm anymore.

“Sure, sure. Here, just let me turn it on…” As Lynn reached over to the center of the dashboard to turn on the AC, she saw a red glowing light illuminating from the center console.

A dawning, a realization!

“Oh Mom, I am so sorry!” Lynn tried to hold back a giggle.

“What? What? Just turn on the AC.” Shelly almost shouted as she rolled up her window.

“Your seat heater was turned on high! No wonder your are all hot and sweaty!” Lynn laughed.

“Well, thank goodness I wasn’t just having hot flashes!”

Both the ladies burst out laughing, but Shelly’s laughter was mingled with perspiration.

This story is true. The names were changed to protect the guilty. I was inspired to write this piece today as I wear my shorts and enjoy the 85 degree weather here in Phoenix!


21 thoughts on “Hot Seat

  1. This was such a funny post, I had a good laugh Lori! 🙂 That would be very uncomfortable and glad names were changed. 😉 You had an 85 degree day, here it was cold & snow flurries…Still waiting for spring. It was so good to see a post from you in my emails! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I know it would of not been funny at the time, but was hilarious to read, Thank You for the laugh, and I really did enjoy the post. 😀

  3. See! I told you it was going to be in the mid 80’s today in Phoenix! only about 59 on the front porch here. I’m jealous! Funny about the butt warmer! Love ya! Mom

  4. Very funny Lori! That could happen here as I have one ahem, rascally teen who likes to turn the seat warmer to high when no one is looking! Lol! 🙂

  5. That was a funny story and I loved it. It reminds that my grand daughter always wants to sit in the front seat so she can have the heated seat when it’s cold. Good Writing,

    • I apologize for not moderating your comment sooner….somehow I missed it. Which is not hard for me, I miss lots of stuff, easily! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I promise next time I will be quicker on the draw!

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