My First Tattoo… Update

In my search for the perfect tattoo artist to ink my very first tat, I am happy to report … I believe I have found her!

It has been somewhat like a treasure hunt, following clues on a very old torn map, searching to find the elusive artist, gifted with the mad skills of slinging ink. Great skill is very important because as we all know tattoos are very permanent. No erasing! During my search in the Phoenix area for a great tat artist, I looked at many portfolios that were okay. Like on a scale of 1 to 10, most were 5’s. I wanted a 10. I think I found a 10!

My other qualification to allow someone to ink me up was an awesome character. Someone who connects with the client and realizes how momentous an occasion getting a tattoo really is. I meet a few artists that probably could do the work I want done to my expectations. But I knew I didn’t want to spend hours with them, wielding a needle gun on my back. The pain would be enough torture, I don’t need some one to be a smart ass to go along with the pain.

So here she is…my pick for my first tattoo and maybe more..

Taryn at Club Tattoo in Mesa, AZ.

Check out her portfolio! Especially look at her floral work…since that is the theme of my tattoo.

I had a consultation with her today and we both are very excited. I think I challenged her…. and I know she impressed me. I left her with a sketch that Alan rendered and some reference pictures and she is starting work on a outline sketch. I scheduled an appointment for March 7th for my first sitting. I am so excited, I can’t stand it! I will keep you updated because I know you are excited too!


11 thoughts on “My First Tattoo… Update

  1. You did good research Lori and I am so happy you found Taryn to do your tattoo. Her work is really amazing and just so wonderful. I am excited for you, too and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your finished tattoo. Hope everything else is good with you Lori, you are being missed! I know you needed to go to publishing once a week though, Take Care! 🙂

    • Hi Gabby!
      I have been missing everyone too. It has been a extremely busy few weeks. Mostly work related. Sometimes when I get home all I want to do is veg on the couch and then go to sleep.This is our crazy time at work and will continue until April. Hopefully I will have the energy to blog more often…but I can’t promise. 😦
      I am super excited about my tattoo and I will keep updating the progress.
      Happy blogging!! 🙂

  2. OK, Lori! Glad it’s you and not me who will be getting the needle in the back!! I’m thrilled for you though. Dreams do come true? Mine isn’t getting a tat though! Love ya! Mom

  3. Hi Lori,
    While I’m waiting for the floral portfolio to open–hopefully before midnight–I’m stopping in to chit-chat and yes, I’m with Gabby. Miss you, but totally understand. I’ve cut back somewhat as well and instead of posting daily, I try to go out for visits, although, not always getting too far. Are you getting a b&w or color tat? Just curious. A lady I knew long ago had a beautiful colored carp done on her lower arm. It was beautiful.
    Well, Taryn has a beautiful portfolio and I can’t wait to see your selection!
    ~Abundant blessings and peace filled days!

    • Hello Sunshine!
      You have no idea how crazy work has been. I laugh because I am utterly tired. I think how nice the pay checks will be with overtime…and then I realize I am too tired to care or even go shopping to spend my hard earned $$$.
      My tattoo is a highlight in my upside down life right now. 🙂 I will be going with mostly black and gray with the flowers and “bugs” in color. I am caught up with much anticipation!

    • We are working on the design right now. Mesa is 45 minutes away from where I live so Taryn has been emailing me and tweaking things as we go. But I’m getting really excited because the 7th is right around the corner! I will only be getting the outline done at first. Shading and detailing in later appointments. As soon as I get the outlining done I will post pictures!

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