Lazy or Spoiled or Both?

Late last night Alan and I were watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations on Netflix. It was the episode when he goes to South Korea with his good friend Nari. A true Bourdain Classic, try as Nari might, she can not get Anthony to karaoke! She gets him pretty drunk, but he will not sing! Stay strong Tony…stay strong!

As you know we do not watch regular TV. Netflix is our television addiction.

Anyways… we are sitting there on the couch all potato-fied and Alan’s cell phone warns us that he has an incoming text message. Thankfully he has changed his ring tone so that we are not taking cover under the kitchen table with our heads between our legs kissing our arses good-bye!

I’m thinking, “Who could be texting Alan so late?”

So I ask…”Who is texting you?”

He chuckles and shows me his phone.

There is Aliesha’s picture up in the corner and the message…

can u come shut my light off?




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