Mexican Train

I like playing games.

I hate playing mind games. But that’s another story, for another time.

Some of my favorite games are Pictonary, Scatagories and Yahtzee.

Games I loathe are Monopoly and Risk.

I never win at either of the games I dislike and thus the reason I don’t care for them. I am a poor sport when it comes to losing constantly in a game and so I come to a point where I just won’t play the game anymore. I will take my token and go home, now. It really bums Alan out too, because he loves Risk. He always wins and that’s why he loves it. World domination is great for a man’s ego. I enjoy taking risks, just not in a game I know I’m going to lose in the end no matter what!

My favorite game of all is Mexican Train.

No, you do not play this game in Mexico by boarding a train in Mexico City and riding to parts unknown. Although that sounds like a lot of fun!

Mexican Train is played with dominoes. Another name it is know by is just “Trains”. It is also very similar to another domino game I love…Chicken Foot.

The object of the game is for the player to use of all their dominoes first. You may place your dominoes on your own train, the Mexican train (sort of a free-for-all train) and other players trains under special circumstances.

I won’t go into all the rules here. If you want to learn how to play, Wikipedia has it down pretty well. I checked. Sometimes you can’t trust the information on Wikipedia…but this time I gave them my Mexican Train seal of approval!


The Franks Family has added one important rule of play. When a player is down to his final domino he must say, “UNO”. If the player fails to say, “uno ” and another player catches him in his folly, he must pull 3 dominoes from the bone pile!

The reasons I love this game are…

As many people that fit around a kitchen table can play!

It’s fast paced.

There is some strategy involved…but just as much luck.

Even kids can play.

My son Daniel singing…”Going off the rails of the crazy train”, Ozzy style, every time he plays a domino on the Mexican train.

I love this game so much, one Christmas past, Daniel and DIL  gifted me a Mexican Train Station. It has little train tokens and a train station where you place the dominoes in a nice orderly fashion. Along with a button to press that emits life-like train chugging and whistling sounds. It only gets slightly annoying after the 20th time it is pressed!

I am sure if you hop aboard the Mexican Train you will have hours of crazy fun…just make sure to purchase me a ticket as well!




11 thoughts on “Mexican Train

  1. Lori, I just knew we were meant to be BBF’s….(blogging best friends)!
    I too LOVE Mexican trains aka in our household, we just call it Dominos! We love love love it. No cheating allowed but and this is a big but(lol) swearing is encouraged! Ha ha
    Great post!

  2. I dislike Risk too Lori. My youngest son loves it but of course, he always wins! The Mexican Train sounds like fun. I’ll have to look into it so I can steer my son away from the dreaded Risk game!

  3. What a fun post Lori! I have never played this one, but it sounds like it would great to give it a try. I, too dislike Risk and refuse to play. It was so nice hearing you describe your family and the good times playing this game, lots of love there! 🙂

  4. Monopoly is almost as bad! I never win. Alan ALWAYS lands on and buys Boardwalk and Parkplace. He is the monopolizer of Risk and that silly real estate game. Mexican Train is more balanced….everyone wins now and then!

  5. I was playing Uno with my dad in the hospital not too long ago when he had some health problems and was hooked up to all kinds of machines. Without thinking, I saw Dad with one card in his hand and asked if he had said “Uno” as you’re required to do…and he hadn’t, so he had to draw cards from the pile…my poor, sick dad all hooked up to monitors and all! I don’t think I’ll ever live that down.

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