River Crossing or Some Fun

I need a new all-in-one printer. You know with the scanner built-in so you have the capability to scan old photos and save them to your computer. The printer I have now only copies and prints. I was being a cheap a** when I bought it. I am thankful it does the simple tasks it is built to do, but I need more. I’m always needing more.

Tonight I was searching through old photo CD’s looking for specific pictures for a post I wanted to write and after looking through half a dozen CD’s, from a stack of at least 20, I was unable to find the pictures I was looking for.

Well… what should I expect with lame categories written in Sharpie on the front of the CD’s like…

  • big big big
  • some fun
  • flowers
  • cowboy
  • cowboy1
  • misc.

Crap! Who did that organization? No dates. No subjects. I am sure it wasn’t me….but it looks like my handwriting. I believe there might be a forgery, a counterfeit afoot. Very curious! I bet you are dying to know what pictures could be stowed away in those cryptic files!

Well guess what? I’m going to share a little glimpse of my sorted past, just for your reading and viewing pleasure. These photos were located in the category: some fun. Who knows, there could be a series of posts here!

River Crossing

Daniel having some fun!

This is my son Daniel and my DIL (You can’t see her, but she’s in there!) in his rugged Toyota pick-up truck playing in the river. When we lived in Oregon we did stuff like this all the time. You have to, it’s the Oregonian way. Hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling, and River Crossing.

I think it drops off here!

This is Alan and I in his rugged 4×4 Toyota pick-up. I would tell you the date but I don’t know. I’m guessing 2005, maybe 2006. Wasn’t written on the CD. Can you see me sticking my head out the window? I think I remember Alan asking me to look to see how deep it was over on my side. “Pretty Deep”, I replied with authority. I didn’t want to get my feet wet.

In the middle of the River!

Yeah, I’m smiling. It was some fun! As you can see I made Alan flip the rig around so that he was on the deeper side. I really didn’t want to get my feet wet.


I promise we did not see the sign until after we were done having some fun! Good thing our license plates are obscured from view in the photos. Besides… I’m sure we have exceeded the statutes of limitations on this River Crossing. The fact remains that there is no written evidence of the actual date. Just look at my photo CD’s!


7 thoughts on “River Crossing or Some Fun

  1. I loved this post Lori and thanks for sharing the photos. 🙂 That sure does look like fun, I have never done this but would love to give it a try. I am sure you guys didn’t see the sign until after you were done having “some fun”. It looks like it was well hidden! 😉

    • We never had some more fun in the river after that adventure. We really do try to follow the rules! I am glad you liked this post and if you can find a spot where it isn’t against the rules…you should give it a go! It was a blast!

  2. Hi,
    Great photos, and it sure does look like a fun day. You will have fun going through the CD’s, it is amazing some photos you came across, that have been forgotten. 🙂

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