Finding Money

Don’t you love it when you reach into your pants pocket and find a $5, $10 or even better, a $20 bill that you had “lost”? This happens to me quite often. I am always elated when I find the lost treasure but what concerns me is… how much do I lose and never find?

Yes, I am sure this happens,  so I just need to come to grips with that fact. I just hope that it isn’t by fault of a pick-pocket. I would hate to think I would be a victim of a crime, much better to be a fool than a victim.

I used to find “lost” money in my bank account as well. Not so much any more. You have to have money in your bank accounts to lose it and then find it again. This phenomenon happened to me a few times actually. I am not sure of the exact amount of times because that would require attention to details and math skills. The very skills I lack to keep the account “balanced” in the first place. Thankfully when I had money in my accounts, my errors would always be in my favor. So I would jump for joy when I “found”  lost dollars due to my addition or subtraction skills.

A time or two I have placed checks into my wallet to deposit or cash later and then somehow forget about them. “How do you do that?”, you ask. Well, when you have enough money to make ends meet, sometimes you can set currency aside and forget about it.  Then find that dinero months later and feel like you won some money from a scratch off lottery ticket. Such a wonderful feeling!

You would be upset if you knew how often I have looked through a wallet, purse, handbag, backpack or other bag and found “lost” cash. And not coins. Greenbacks. Okay you can be upset now because I will confess it is…. “unusually so”. Call me irresponsible, air-head, blonde, reckless, careless, negligent or foolish.

No don’t. I just called it.

It gets better though…

Last night was the best yet! I was going through my wallet again. That thing has so many compartments. I can’t believe I can find anything in it’s cubbies. So there I was searching through the receipts and gum wrappers when low and behold I found 5 bills folded in half, nice and flat. Not rumpled. Crisp. I unfolded them slowly. Benjamins! 1, 2, 3, 4 and a fifty!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Recently I haven’t been finding “lost” money. Haven’t had any to lose. Just making ends meet and all that jazz.

I wasn’t surprised when I found the money. Nope, happens a lot.

I was just really bummed when I woke up.


16 thoughts on “Finding Money

  1. Cute, Lori! It has to run in the family! I re-programmed my brain to NEVER do it again! Mine was even more miserable since I was a “broke” teenager and school was about to start in the Fall! So real! Shopped till I dropped and loved every piece of clothes I bought! I woke up with a smile on my face and started to cry when I saw the empty closet staring at me when I got up for school! Boo-Hoo! Love it!

    • That’s sad! I remember when I was a kid on Julie Circle I dreamed you and dad got me a horse. WE were going to keep it in the garage. It was so real. I cried when I woke up too!

  2. Hi,
    As I was reading your post, I was thinking wouldn’t it be lovely to find “extra” money that was forgotten about, I can’t remember that ever happening to me, then I read your ending, well done, a brilliant post. 😀

  3. Hey there sister!
    When I lived on Yosemite and the windshield was cracked all the way across in my Escort…my avon delivery driver told me he did windshields on the side and could fix mine for $100….I was thinking where can I get $100 and not get a ticket for a busted windshield….I reached in the pocket of a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn in months and there were 5 $20’s folded up!!! God provides when we need it the most!
    We are definitely related and it has to run in our blood because I find “lost” money a lot!!!

  4. I was reading and wishing, OMG OMG please let my purse also have some secret compartment where I can find to my surprise cash that did not know was there 🙂 😀

    and bam !!! with your last line it turned out to a dream 😯 🙂

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