My First WordPress Meme ~ 10 Burning Questions

Years ago when I had a real estate blog we would pass these questionnaires around to get to know our fellow bloggers on a more personal level. We called them, “Meme’s”. Because they’re all about ME! What these posts inspired was less business and more fun. And that’s great fun when you are suppose to be working!

I was happy to see one of these fun posts passed along to me here on WordPress by my good friend Gabby Angel. I know, you are probably thinking, “I read your about page, why do I need to know more?”

Well, I will tell you why!

Because I will share even more information about myself that you must know.

10 Burning Questions

#1 Describe yourself in 7 words

loving, happy, survivor, mother, wife, sister, daughter

#2 What keeps you up at night?

I usually don’t have problems sleeping because by the time I finally go to bed I am so tired, I crash hard! I stay up way too late some times most nights and that is caused by the    computer!

#3 Who would I like to be?

Sometimes I think I would like to be a female Anthony Bourdain. I would love to travel the world, eat great food and write about my experiences. Oh wait…. I do that! I just don’t have my own TV show.

#4 What am I wearing right now?

This could be an embarrassing question for some I guess. Like if you sit around in your underwear or nude. But not me. I’m wearing a long sleeved t-shirt with my old favorite Roxy hoodie and some Hello Kitty yoga pants, warm socks and slippers! It’s all about the warmth and comfort I tell you!

#5 What scares me?

When people sneak up on me. Happens all the time at work. I am seriously going to punch a co-worker in the gut one day.

#6 The best and worst of blogging

Best: Having an outlet for my thoughts. It’s a kind of therapy really. And I love all the relationships that are built through blogging. I haven’t written a book yet, but I would guess that blogging is more relational than a published book.

Worst: Blogging is a huge time consumer. Mostly because I am a slow writer. Maybe some day I will pick up the pace in my writing skills.

#7  The last website I visited:


#8 What is the one thing I would change about myself:

This is a hard question. I think about things I would like to change, but then I realize those things make me who I am. And, I kinda like me.

I guess one thing I could work on is to not worry so much. Once in awhile an event or an unknown thing will come out of no where and cause me to worry. I need to just let it go and let God! A lot easier said than done most times!!

#9  Slankets…yes or no?

First of all I didn’t know what a slanket was. I had to read Gabby’s post to understand the term. I always heard them called “snuggies” And I would say “no” to the slanket or snuggie. I don’t own one nor have I gifted one. I have many, I repeat…. many, throw blankets in my home. We all love those blankets, even the cat, Zildjian loves the throw blankets.

#10 Tell us something about the person who tagged you:

Gabby Angel tagged me. She is a wonderful twin sister to Autumn and loves to share her memories of growing up as a  twin. Her writings bring you right into the memories and will put a smile on your face!

This was great fun…now I get to play, Tag…You’re It!

14 thoughts on “My First WordPress Meme ~ 10 Burning Questions

  1. My apologies to my subscribers for this post being published then deleted, then published AGAIN! In the middle of posting the first go ’round my computer had a mind of it’s own and published my unfinished work.

  2. You don’t need to apologize Lori, I was kind of worried about your computer, as well as you. too! I loved reading this and your answers were so honest and thoughtful. I was looking at Hello Kitty yoga pants and didn’t buy them, glad you did. Also had to laugh at your how thankfully you didn’t sit around undressed! Thank you for your kind words about me, you are a sweet person with a wonderful heart…That could have went i to the #1 Category! For those reading Lori is also modest, too! 🙂 Thanks for making this a fun and enjoyable read! 🙂

  3. Lori, I love your burning answers. I HATE being scared and wrote about it in one these personal questions things also. And blogging is VERY time-consuming for me, but I really love it. I have to get faster.

    I guess this means I’m “it” now, huh? Thanks for the tag, my friend.

  4. Hi Lori — I loved this “but then I realize those things make me who I am. And, I kinda like me.” Cause I kinda like you too.

    And I’m it too. Well, i didn’t have any ideas for a post anyway. But, please, can I tell someone else’s secrets?????

  5. Lori — how do you put the stop censorship banner up there? I put it into an image widget but can’t get it into the right place on the page — Help!

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  7. How nice! Thanks for the tag. Though, since you snuck up on me to tag me, I may have to punch you in the gut…oh, who am I kidding, I’d probably miss, spin around, and fall to the floor!

    If you had a TV show, I’d buy a TV just to watch it.

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