To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo?…That Is Not The Question

Alright… you might need to be sitting down when you read this post if you are my mother, some other relation or close friend who doesn’t know that I have been considering getting a tattoo for some time. This is my public service announcement that I have made my decision on the matter.

I will be getting a tattoo. Not a rub-on, not a henna….a real, needled, ink, permanent tattoo.

The question of tat or no tat has been settled. Now the many questions remain of where on my body to get the tattoo, when and where to have it done and most importantly, what to have tattooed permanently on my skin?

  • Question #1

Where, oh where, do I want my tattoo? I thought about getting one on the outside of my ankle.Β  Alan has a small star on his right ankle. And our oldest son, Daniel, got a sun burst that he designed on his right ankle when he turned 18.Β  Side note: When Daniel got his tattoo it was a family outing and I got my eyebrow pierced at the same time. Sadly, I had a job years later that was not accepting of a face piercing, even though it was dainty, I let the eyebrow piercing close up.

Anyways… back to the question of where to tat?Β  The outside of my ankle is a possibility. I just wonder about if I was to have a job again where this would be an issue and I could not wear skirts. I have considered my hip or thigh. My hips are never shown in public and the only time my thighs show is when I wear a swim suit. When I get my tattoo I want to show it off as much as possible, so these areas are not as appealing to me. I thought about tatting up my back but I have a lot of freckles and not sure how that would play out! Connect the dots!

I am leaning towards my shoulder on the back side. In the summer I wear tank tops and cami’s all the time, so I could display my tattoo with pride and if I were to land a job worthy of coverage, a short sleeved shirt would fit the bill. I think question 1 almost has an answer.

  • Question #2

When do I get my tattoo and where to have it done? When we were in San Diego last week I saw so many tattoo shops down at Pacific Beach. I wish I had all my questions answered and I would be the girl with the beautiful tattoo from San Diego.

Aliesha and I were watching LA Ink on Netflix awhile back and the exquisite art of Kat Von D is a desire I am sure I can’t afford. What a great show except for the stupid drama. I love watching the ink shows to see the art, the tattoos and the stories behind the tattoo’s. I guess I should come up with a tattoo and then try to get on one of those ink shows for some credit towards the price!

My son Joshua has tattoos on the underside of his forearms. He designed them and actually did his own tat on the left arm. This photo isn’t close up enough but he said there were a few places where he went out of the lines a bit because of the pain. I could never give my self a tattoo. But maybe I would let Joshua give me a tattoo. Maybe. He might get too much pleasure out of causing his dear old mom lots of pain!

I definitely don’t want to go to just any tattoo parlor! Scary business just trusting any old guy or gal with a needle gun!

Today we were driving by an empty lot and there was this tour bus set up for business with all their art work displayed on the side of the bus. Aliesha asked, What are they selling?” I replied, “Tattoos.”

“Wow!, Really?, I wouldn’t want to go inside a bus to get tattooed!” , the smart girl stated.

Then Alan said, ” Ooooppps, I guess we kinda goofed on the spelling of your important words on your important tattoo. I think we will start up the bus and leave the country now!”

I was busting up by this time because I knew the tour bus was selling custom made decals for your car, not your skin. We all had a pretty good laugh about a traveling tour bus inking up the skin along the roadways.

As you can see, when and where to get the work done is unsettled.

  • Question #3

What piece of art do I want tattooed on my skin? I would like my tattoo to have meaning for something special that has happened in my life. Maybe a symbolism of my Saving Grace, maybe something for my 3 children, my cancer survival or for turning 50. Better yet…combine all milestones somehow. I want it to be beautiful and I know I want color. It would be really awesome to have all my kids design something together, all three of them are very artistic. I really just now had an epiphany….this very moment, that I need to talk to them and see if they can collaborate and come up with the perfect tattoo for their mom. That would be so very special all by it’s self! Maybe question 3 is in the works….

I do have one concern about getting a tattoo. It’s not about if I will be able to handle the pain or if I will regret getting the tattoo. No, I worry that I will want more than one tattoo.

And a bonus for getting tatted at 50 years old….I won’t have to worry about what my tattoo will look like when I get old and wrinkly. I already am!


22 thoughts on “To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo?…That Is Not The Question

    • I think you are right susielindau, a lot of people have tattoos! Alan’s family lives in Iowa and the last time we visited the small town where they live….everyone had a tattoo! In Iowa!

  1. HI,
    I don’t have a tattoo, not my thing, but I wish you luck in finding exactly what you would like, I should imagine it is not as easy as it sounds.

  2. If that’s what you want – go for it! I know several 50+ ladies who decided to celebrate something special in their lives with a tattoo. Can’t wait to see the picture once you get the tattoo.

  3. I have 2 girlfriends that went in together to get tats for their 60th birthdays – formed their own support group per se. They love their tats and do not regret getting one later in life and glad they waited and did not do it in their 20s! Thanks for sharing.

  4. you make me smile! Good for you. Here I was thinking I was the outrageous one for wanting something “cool” when I turned 60. Nope, not a tattoo; I wanted to smoke marijuana. YUP!!! But alas I did not. I have never done any drugs at all, not even a little bit. One of these years I am going to try it. Oh on Christmas day I did have a shot with my kids….Jamaican rum 150 proof. ha ha ha (just one shot and it did nothing for me)’
    Long live us wild older gals!
    PS I actually have 5 itty bitty tattoos from breast cancer for radiation. I wanted a design but they said no way….just 5 blue dots here and there ha ha ha It HURT too!

    • RVingGirl,
      I am a breast cancer survivor too! 8 years! How long for you?
      I was thinking of a pink ribbon incorporated somehow in the tattoo. We’ll see. Even though your little blue dots don’t make a design they are still a story and a memorial!
      You are a crack up wanting to smoke some ganja, just be careful! Some of the stuff out there will kick your butt! Even with one hit. Of course I am just telling you what I hear….. πŸ™‚

  5. The suspense is over, I was pretty sure you had been thinking about a tattoo! You gave a bit of a hint the other day with your comment on my post. Lori, you have thought it over so well and whatever you decide on will be good. I am not the twin to give tattoo advice, Autumn is the one with 3 of them after all. Please keep us informed and I am thinking the back of your shoulder is a good spot. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Gabby,
      I am pretty sure I have decided to have it done on the back of my shoulder. Now I just need to get my kids busy with the design! btw, thanks for your confidence on my decisions. πŸ™‚

  6. i have watched a friend get her tat & know friends who do enjoy getting inked. But i can never do it – afraid of needles…
    Where? My friends & i have discussed this – a small tat is nice on the ankle – bigger ones, maybe near the shoulder blade or belly button?
    When? That’s for u to decide. Can’t help with the where.
    Oh yes – I’ve nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit for details.

    • I know a lot of people are afraid of needles. I have had so many stuck in me for medical reasons I think I kinda have gotten over the fear. And the pain….well, I will try to just go to a happy place. πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much for the nomination of The Versatile Blogger Award. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness! Happy Blogging!

  7. I say “tat it up.” I’ve been toying with the idea myself. I hit 50 a bit ago, and like you my thought is how much more wrinkled will I get?? Not too. haha.

    I might get our family crest like my son, brother, dad!, and nephew all did. Each with their own special take on it.

  8. OK!! Now, Mom will weigh in! You know me, do what you like. Just don’t ask me to do it as a “group” thing! I’m so used to needles for md reasons, they don’t do the big scare to me. It’s all of the ink going into my skin! A tat is no big deal! GO FOR IT! Love you, my “out of the box” kid! Mom

  9. This was a wonderful post Lori. I am eagerly awaiting your pre-design to show up any minute . . . fingers lightly tapping desk, tiny whistling for sound effects . . . and while I wait, I love nose piercings myself. Better make that singular, nose piercing. Just one hole on one nostril. My friend recently got a tattoo after her husband passed away last year so she honored him with a small dove in what sounds like the same place you plan on having yours.
    I can hardly wait to see your design! πŸ™‚

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