What Type of Art Do You Appreciate Most?

I am such a hoarder! I have all these auto topics saved in my drafts until something inspires me then….Bam!

You get hit over the head with my inspiration! (Well… a simulation of getting hit over the head, cyber-style.)

This lovely art piece has been sitting in my archaic archives of draftdom since before Thanksgiving.  Oh well, “Better late than never”, I always say!

What Type of Art Do You Appreciate Most?

Most people would probably say they enjoy the fine arts such as; photography, paintings, drawings, sculpture or carvings. Others may choose performing arts; dancing, music, theater. But me, I realized these past few weeks while perusing the wine aisles at my local stores along with my new favorite beverage store, “Total Wine & More” that the art I appreciate the most is…

Wine Labels!

Have you ever noticed the diversity and the true art of a wine label? It doesn’t even have to be an expensive bottle of wine, in fact, some of the cheaper bottles have the better art!

The very best part about being a Wine Label Art Connoisseur is…you can also appreciate the art of wine tasting.



11 thoughts on “What Type of Art Do You Appreciate Most?

  1. Those are some very pretty and impressive wine bottle labels! Thanks for sharing Lori, I don’t drink so I wouldn’t have seen these for myself. I did get a smile when you said some of the cheaper wines have the better art. Very cool, informative and interesting post! 🙂

  2. I just love this post. The art work here makes me want to scrap book. I am an avid scrapper and probably LOVE the papers I work with most. Fabulous.
    Great post Lori!

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