Road Trip US Interstate 8

I love traveling. Travel by air, rail, water or road are all experiences not to be missed.

Alan and I both share the love of travel.  Recently we have been restrained in our travel adventures because of financial limitations. This past weekend was our 32nd wedding anniversary and we just needed to get away. Out of country was out of the budget, so we needed to explore our backyard.

Where to go? Where to go?

At first we were thinking, “Let’s go to Sedona.” We’ve been there before. For our anniversary a couple years ago. We really love it there. It is like being in the Grand Canyon without the crazy hike down and back up. But it is cold up in Northern Arizona right now including snow, and as most of you know I don’t do well with COLD. Then my son suggested San Diego. Duh. I am so glad someone was thinking outside the state!

San Diego is about 300 miles from Phoenix. Not as close as Sedona, but it’s warm and it has beaches! The decision was made.

Road trips are an exceptional way to see the terrain of an area up close and personal. The trip from Gila Bend, AZ. east on I-8 to San Diego was all uncharted territory for me. I love seeing places I’ve never laid eyes on before.

Desert View Near Gila Bend

I was amazed at the scenery changes in just a few hundred miles. First there is the typical desert from Phoenix to Yuma. I love the beauty that the Sonoran Desert holds. I enjoy driving by and taking photos. It is difficult to get out and hike however, can’t do it in flip flops! And in the summer only lizards and snakes should be out and about outside of an air-conditioned motor vehicle.

Sand Dunes Near Winterhaven, CA.

Just west of Yuma, near Winterhaven, CA.,  are miles and miles of Sand Dunes. These dunes made me wonder if this is what the Sahara Desert looks like. It is surreal. Winterhaven is rightly named as many desert rats were holding up in little villages with all of their sand toys. Looked like tons of sandy fun.

Fun in Sand and Sun

Winterhaven Sandunes...Cailfornia's Sahara?

It was strange because just as quick as we were upon sand, the next terrain we came to were boulders. Literally a mountain range made of millions of boulders.

Mountains of Rocks

Is this where Fred and Wilma Flinstone lived?

Wind generators outside of El Centro, CA.

I have seen the thousands of wind generators on I-10 near Palm Springs, CA. They also have some near El Centro, CA. on I-8. During our San Diego Bay Cruise we saw some of the turbines and blades getting ready to ship to the high wind hillsides of these California mountains. I hear mixed reports on the productivity of these wind generators. Some say they are not cost effective. Others think they are a good source of electricity and keep putting more up. I am not sure, but I know they are huge and a sight to see!

I was surprised by all the vistas we encountered on I-8 from Phoenix to San Diego. Who says you have to spend thousands of dollars to go on a trip?

And…. according to the Red Hot Chili Peppers we experienced, “the edge of the world, and all of western civilization”. Priceless.

View of Downtown San Diego and the USS Midway from the Bay aboard "The Pilot"


13 thoughts on “Road Trip US Interstate 8

    • It really is the best part of a road trip. I have also traveled by road where the scenery doesn’t change for hundreds of miles. Boring! Those are trips when I would rather fly!

  1. Very cool. I think it would be really interesting to learn from someone who really knows about alternative energy sources like wind generators. I’ve never seen them in person (too many hills where I live?), but I can imagine how they would be a sight to see!

  2. As I sit and shiver in my apartment with a broken heating system in January, I look at those pictures and think, hmm. I’ve never seen the desert. It looks so warm. You know, I’ve got vacation time to burn…California, here I come!

  3. Driving this route from Phoenix to San Diego in two days! The pictures gave me a better idea of the area and looks a lot more
    interesting than I anticipated. Thanks!

    • Tammy,
      Sorry so late with my reply. Terrible circumstances pulled me away from my blog for many months.
      Did you enjoy your trip?
      San Diego is so awesome. Well worth the trip from Phoenix.

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