Room With A View


Alan and I are celebrating our 32nd anniversary this weekend in San Diego, CA. I had to specify CA. because when I did a weather forecast on my smart phone it brought up San Diego, Columbia and it was drizzling and low 60’s for the weekend. I was so bummed. You can imagine my relief when I realized the mistake and the weather here is perfect!
We are staying at the Marriott Courtyard at Liberty Station. Great room and beautiful view!


On another note….this is my first post from my Smart Phone! Pretty dank…photos and every thing!


10 thoughts on “Room With A View

  1. Happy Anniversary, Lori and Alan! What a wonderful place to celebrate! The most perfect spot in all of CA! Soak it up! Love you a million buckets full!

  2. Hi,
    That is great, and Happy Anniversary.
    It certainly does look like a lovely place to spend the occasion.
    You really have to laugh when there are places with the same name, this I’m sure has confused people a lot, why they are the same name is any body’s guess. It’s the same thing with some streets as well, I’m sure the powers that be do this to keep us on our toes. 😀

    • Hello The Hook,
      Thank you for the comment “Good Job”, because it is work having a great marriage, but the benefits are priceless! 17 years is nothing to sneeze at! Keep up the good work!

  3. Lori, this is your official congratulatory comment from me.
    BTW, check out one of my “things about myself” at the bottom of the post (San Diego).

    Congratulations! It’s official – The Academy, okay, mj monaghan, has recognized your wonderful blog with the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Here’s the envelope with more details:!

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