Are You Afraid Of Your Pressure Cooker?

We received a Pressure Cooker for a Christmas gift this year from a very dear friend. We had been talking earlier about the best way to make ham hocks and beans and all of us came to the conclusion, (because we had heard through the cooking grapevine) that a pressure cooker would be the answer.  The problem was that none of us owned one of these kitchen tools.

So our good friend, bless her heart, ran down to her nearest home goods store and bought the Franks their very own pressure cooker. Also in the gift bag was an array of dried beans! Pretty creative gift.

Under Pressure!

Do not look at my dirty stove!

Since I am not the cook in the house, (Alan is) it was his project to figure out how to use this handy dandy piece of kitchen gadgetry. We have never owned or operated a pressure cooker in our lives. So tonight was the maiden voyage and the scene went something like this:

First a phone call to Alan’s Mom….

“Hey, Mom how do you use a pressure cooker?”…(instructions given)….then Alan repeating at least 6 times, “Yes, I will be careful!”

This was not sounding safe to me.

Next, Alan is popping up videos on Youtube on Pressure Cooker Use. The first one he watches starts out with the statement, “Are you afraid of your pressure cooker?”

Well I wasn’t, but now that you mention it! Guess I should be afraid of something that could explode on my stove top!

Then he starts watching a video by Alton Brown. I love Alton Brown but Alton starts in with physics and PSI on pressure cookery and I’m thinking….”Maybe I don’t want ham hocks and beans that badly, I was never very good in math or science class.”

Actually, Alan was just making a beef stew with neck meat tonight as a test dinner, which is another whole story in itself of the neck meat purchase. But back to the main story…

Finally Alan fires up the pressure cooker and a few minutes later we start to hear the whistling and see large amounts of steam escaping the spinning cap. Quite exciting!

It’s Really Under Pressure Now! Somehow I keep thinking of the David Bowie/Queen song by the same title. If you know it, sing along as you read the rest of the post!

Except Zildjian didn’t share in our excitement. Poor cat thought there were giant snakes in the house. He ran to find safety in the bedroom. Can you see the fear in his big cat eyes?

“That sure sounds like a huge snake to me!”

I am happy to report that I am reporting the story! Yes, if all did not turn out well, I sure wouldn’t be sitting here chronicling this evening’s dinner preparation. No exploding pressure cookers, no frantic cats escaping to parts unknown and a very good beef stew with corn bread for supper.

Beef Stew prepared in our new pressure cooker!


26 thoughts on “Are You Afraid Of Your Pressure Cooker?

  1. Oh my! I had the same fear with my pressure cooker! I’ve only used it once since purchasing it about six months ago. My youngest son keeps asking why mom don’ t you use that, that, hisssy pot!?
    Your cat…Zildjian really looks like she’s thinking snakes!
    BUT, the beef stew looks great 🙂
    Finally,, my thank you for the 7×7. (I’m worn out now. bye. hopefully be back with more energy soon…)

    • Those pressure cookers are daunting!
      You are doing better than I on the awards. I still have to accept the Versatile Blogger and the Candlelight Award. Just not enough hours in the day…where’s our clones when we really need them?

  2. Carrying around that 7×7 was a real heavy load and I needed to unload or be buried under.
    I know right? Where are those clones when the load gets thick???
    Oh, the Candle light is easy…just post the photo. Bam! That’s it. (I love that award for its simplicity.)
    Congratulations on Freshly Pressed too! How exciting! You’re like, soooo famous now! 🙂 I better get your autograph for future heirloom collection. xoxo

    • Thanks for the tip on the Candle light award. I didn’t know, I thought it was like the others and would take lots of time. You have your awards set as widgets right? I need to figure that out! And you can have my autograph anytime! xoxo

  3. Hi,
    I don’t like the presser cookers, then again I have never used one, but a friend of mine uses hers constantly and swears by it. When I’m over her place and she is using the cooker, it does give you a bit of a fright. 🙂

    • What a terrible mess to have to clean up! On the ceiling especially.

      Once I dropped a 2 liter bottle of Coke on the floor and it spun around like “spin the bottle” and sprayed Coke all over my friends kitchen. Yes! I was at a friends house when the event took place. We cleaned for an hour and months later she was still finding spatters of Coke on her cabinets, ect. What a horror!

  4. Thanks for bringing back memories, Lori. My mother frequently used her pressure cooker to speed up meals she made for our family of 8. When you think about it, a pressure cooker was the microwave for that generation–the only way to speed-cook anything!

    • Great observation J.A.! I wish I had thought of the microwave aspect. The stew only took 20 minutes to cook compared to all day simmering on the stove top in a regular pot.

  5. OMG! The 1970’s. I remember walking by every house on the way home for dinner hearing a pressure cooker through the screen doors in summer time. The best thing is tough meat like “cube steak” in there with some potatoes and carrots. We had an old one with the weight that you could turn to have several different levels of pressure, then got a more modern one. In Alaska you mostly see the gigantic ones for canning. Thanks for blogging this. I may have to get me one.

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