Phoenix Snow

Phoenix Snow

One thing I love about being a Cactus Wren, (a permanent snowbird in the Phoenix area) is the winter weather. Snowbirds know, that’s why they flock here during the winter months. While everyone else in the country is suffering from snow flurries, snow drifts and snow shoveling, we here in Phoenix enjoy 70+ degrees F. and the white fields of ripe cotton. These fluffy white balls are the closest us Phoenicians get to snowballs. And that’s they way we like it!


19 thoughts on “Phoenix Snow

  1. Hi Lori,
    We are in our summer now here in OZ, at the moment where I live it is 31 degrees Celsius or 87.80Β° Fahrenheit, it is usually a bit hotter than this but we are having a rather mild summer this year.

    The cotton fields look great, they really do look nice like this, a great photo.

    • I am glad that you interpreted Celsius into Fahrenheit for me because I never learned the metric system. I would have thought 31 degrees! That’s freaking cold! Thanks for the comment on the photo. Some of the fields have been harvested already and they stack the huge blocks of baled cotton along the roadside waiting for the trucks to haul them away. I should take pictures of that too, they are huge!!

  2. I came across your blog and felt a connection as I have also been married to my husband for 32 years and have a daughter I am very close to that lives in Phoenix. I enjoyed reading your blog and I will be stopping by often.

    • We are celebrating our anniversary this weekend. I am excited because we are getting away for 3 days!
      We do have lots in common, and I do hope you will come visit me often!
      Happy blogging!

  3. BRRR! Not too cold here but the snow level is down to 1000 feet tonight and snow in the Cascades! I still won’t complain since the four years I “did” in Vermont, -36 below 0, was enough for me! Portland is “no big deal” when it comes to cold! I’m jealous of your 70’s! Very nice! I’m huddled under a fluffy afghan! Love you!

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