I Wish I Could Clone Myself

“If you could become two people right now, what are the first two things you’d want to do?”

This was an auto-topic from way back in October that I saved to my drafts in hopes of writing a piece worthy of your reading enjoyment. It lingered there until tonight. As I pull this topic from the dusty archives of draftdom, I am realizing how helpful it could be to have another “me” running around all crazy.

The past few weeks I have suffered from the “not getting it done syndrome”. There has just been so much to do and simply not enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks. Yes, the Holidays took their toll, but it wasn’t only the Holiday’s fault. Nope. Besides the gift shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, lame parties to go to….there was work, (I have 2 day jobs), cleaning the house, laundry, paying bills, doctors appointments, school programs, workouts, blogging, daily Bible reading, online game play, stockings to make, (what was I thinking?) trying to take on pencil sketching and (oh yeah), that thing called sleep.

My 3 Wisemen Sketch

I know everyone has been super busy. This time of year leans towards that format. I guess there are actual people who thrive on this type of lifestyle. Year-round. Crazy!

Not me. I don’t like not getting everything I need or want done during the day. It makes me feel unfinished. Undone. Half-Baked.

I wish I could clone myself so I could get it all done. Lori~1 could do all the mundane things, work, cleaning and the like.(Poor girl) Lori~2 could do all the fun stuff. What do you want to bet it wouldn’t be long before there was civil unrest between the Lori clones because of the unfairness? For equality sake we would have to share the work load. Definitely. Share and share alike.

The problem with this whole cloning project is the “spending more than you have” habit. You know what I mean? It’s like when we spend more than we have in our wallet or bank account and we use a credit card to make the purchase. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I had a clone, Lori~1 and Lori~2 would get naively excited about the free time they had on their hands and take on more tasks and projects. System Overload.

Then the wishing would start all over again for more assistance to get through the day. Lori~3.



18 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Clone Myself

  1. Hi,
    November – December are very busy months for a lot of people, just so much to do and not enough time to do it all. I agree with what you said about cloning someone as a helper, it could get a lot more complicated than we realize.
    What sometimes sounds good doesn’t always mean it is good. 😀

  2. I really like your sketch! I started drawing in the late 90’s – hadn’t drawn beyond a stick figure, and found out I could actually do it. Not very well, but not bad either. I love art, design, writing, and architecture. I need a couple of clones! Nice post, Lori.

  3. I am all for cloning. Until that is possible for human, however, I go with those large cardboard cut-out photos. That way I can have one sitting at my desk working while the real me catches up on all the blogs I now follow!

  4. Sweet Lori! No need for any more of “you”! I finally learned, not soon enough, to cut back and to say “no” more than I used to! Back in the “day”, it was Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and being the “helper” in kindergarten classes! Fun, until you have no time for yourself! Now? I say “no” and I’m the Big Bad Wolf-tress! Sad? Not at all! I love you for spreading yourself so thin to make those Christmas Stockings! Too funny!

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