Somebody Say Something!

Have you ever been in a group of people and the conversation is flowing nicely then all of a sudden…silence?

Awkward silence.

I do not enjoy that space in time when all is abnormally quiet.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that there should be constant useless babbling filling the air space just so there is sound. Sometimes when I am with a group of people, family or even when it is just Alan and I or Aliesha and it is quiet, it is good. You don’t always have to be spouting from your mouth to be communicating.

No, I’m talking about a strained silence. Like when you are with a bunch of people and chatting about this, that and the other thing, then all of a sudden…. someone pushed the mute button. I’ve noticed that when this occurs it is usually caused by someone spilling words from their mouth that should have been kept inside their oral cavity. Those words might be offensive, moronic or just out there in left field, but what ever the reason, the result that follows is always that, “awkward silence”.

Awkward silence makes me very uncomfortable.

When the silence beast raises it’s ugly head I want to take out my clever conversation sword and slay the dragon. But alas, I am only a fair maiden without any magical dialogue weapons. Instead, I stand there batting my eyelashes with a slight smile on my face, while internally I’m twisting and turning.

“Think of something to say, think of something to say! Why isn’t anyone saying anything?” Geez.

Finally…. someone has the courage to wield a small-talk bejeweled dagger…

“How about those Dodgers?”


12 thoughts on “Somebody Say Something!

  1. Ewww yah Lori, thanks for the reminder! Gee, I think I’m gonna invest in one, or several, small-talk bejeweled dagger…wonder if they come with sapphires and diamond studs??

  2. Well, I plead guilty…..All too often I am the one spouting something nonsensical… And then I feel not only awkward but mortified. My middle name ought to be Faux-Pas.
    Great post. And I have been working on it…….
    So I shall not need to bring my shield to protect myself from those daggers. lol
    Really though, I know just what you mean.
    Have a happy comfortable day.

    • I am going to admit that I too can be the one standing there trying to retrieve my nonsensical words just spoken. But once blurted into existence there is no swallowing them back up!

  3. You know me, Lori! I’m the one usually, who causes the silence! Out-spoken? Can’t keep the lip zipped? Whatever the “cause”, practicing the “Bridling my tongue”–Book of James, isn’t becoming a strong point for me! I love it when someone picks up the slack after I did the deed! Love it!


    • Don’t you wish we could handle a bright shiny gilded conversation sword that never sounded embarrassing or lame? Sure would come in handy. Because standing there silent is just as moronic as saying something embarrassing!

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