Dark Shadows ~ The Movie

I loved the spooky soap opera, Dark Shadows when I was a kid. My mom used to watch it and that made me lucky, because it meant I could catch an episode every now and again. Vampires, ghosts, witches, mortals and time travel, what more do you need to make a great story line? Especially for a cheesy soap opera! Maybe I would still watch soaps today if they had some of this “reality” going on.

The Cast of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows-Photo from Warner Bros. via Google

I am anxiously awaiting Tim Burton’s rendition of the 1960’s soap opera….as a movie. It is set to release May 11, 2012 according to reports. And “Guess Who” is going to play Barnabas Collins?  None other than my most favorite actor and handsome gentleman, Johnny Depp!

Apparently Johnny and Tim both loved Dark Shadows when they were kids too! (Great minds think alike I always say.) An article I read recently in Entertainment Weekly said that they both would race home after school, Tim in Florida, Johnny in Burbank, to watch Dark Shadows that aired from 1966 until the early 70’s.  Depp enjoyed the show so much he wanted to make the series into a movie for some time and finally convinced Warner Bros. to obtain the rights to the show and produced it himself. In past productions it was Tim approaching Johnny, but in this case it was Johnny who sought out Tim to work hand in hand on the project. They are shooting right now in London. Look how time travel brought Johnny and Tim together years later. Spooky!

I am curious if any of my readers ever watched Dark Shadows back in the day. And do you think that Burton’s and Depp’s, Dark Shadows will drive a sharp wooden stake through the pale heart of Twilight?


15 thoughts on “Dark Shadows ~ The Movie

  1. I loved Dark Shadows, and like you, Johnny and Tim, I raced home from school to see it. I loved the house, the characters. Victoria, in particular. Loved the time travel. Every time I go to a funeral, I think of the character who demanded that she be buried with a way to ring bells in her coffin as she feared being buried alive (she was right).

    I’m not a big fan of either Johnny or Tim, though. So this has me worried. But I’m game, I’ll go. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I loved Dark Shadows as a kid. My piano lesson was on Monday afternoon so I always missed the first half of Monday’s episode which meant I didn’t see the big reveal from Friday’s cliffhanger because there was almost always a cliffhanger on Friday’s episode.

    I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Together they are magical – think Edward Scissorhands.

  3. Oh! My beloved Barnabas! I loved that soap, just for Barnabas! Such an “evil” face he had at times! I even watched it as “re-runs” in later years! As for your “beloved” Johnny Depp, I only remember him in “21 Jump Street” and don’t have a clue how he has aged, visually. Still “cute”? Happy for you, Lori! Bet you have the date marked on your calendar! Love,


  4. Did I HEAR the name, the fabulous name, the name of all names…JOHNNY DEPP????
    Say it’s true Lori. Hummm, bet you’ve been having secret breakfasts with Mr. Depp eh? Oh, I can’t wait to see the new Dark Shawdows movie, and yes, like Tim, Johnny, you and countless others, I remember meeting Barnabas and the gang after school! 🙂

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  6. You know how I feel about my main man! I may have to write a post about the movie, whenever I see it. Though I’m not sure how many people are going to read something that goes, “Gaaahhhh, so cute. Johnny, I love you! I love you, Johnny!” The picture with the post could be of a girl with her mouth open, drooling…

  7. I loved Dark Shadows as well, did not see it until I was in my twenties and it was re-runs but still was hooked. I also LOVE JD so I will totally be watching for this movie. Thanks for sharing I didn’t even know it was in the works.

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