Don’t Open Until Christmas

It always happens about December 23rd, every year.

My family begins to get impatient and starts to lose control of themselves and everyone wants to open their Christmas presents! Early.

Come on people it’s only 2 more days! Self-control!

Maybe the problem lies in wrapping the gifts and placing them under the tree weeks before Christmas Day. That’s how Alan’s family does the Christmas gift gig. They wrap their presents and place them under the tree to be taunted and teased for weeks on end until they can’t stand it anymore. They finally cave to the present pressure and open gifts randomly and then finally finish up on Christmas Eve. Can you blame them? It is like placing tables of scrumptious food before dieters. People only have so much will power!

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When I was a kid there were no presents under the tree until Santa came on Christmas Eve when we were fast asleep. While visions of sugar plums danced in our little heads, Mr. & Mrs. Santa brought out all the presents and piled them up for our viewing and opening pleasure on Christmas Morning. The way it should be.

Yes, I am sure this is the better way. No temptations for weeks on end to tear the corners of the package or trying to un-tape edges to see what lies beneath the pretty paper.

Because we have been following in Alan’s family tradition of placing the wrapped presents under our tree since we’ve been married, I have become the Christmas Gift Police. I have been the gift enforcer for 32 years, quoting, “Don’t Open Until Christmas!” It isn’t a fun position but someone has to remind people that Christmas presents are for Christmas Day. (Otherwise they would be called Christmas Eve Presents or Christmas Season Presents.)

So here’s the thing, since I have been doing this tree-gift patrol for 32 years I am certainly no Rookie. But it sure hasn’t gotten any easier with the passing years.


Just tonight Aliesha asked 3 times if she could open one of her presents. Then Alan pipes up,” If your mom had her way we wouldn’t open any of our presents until New Years Day!”


8 thoughts on “Don’t Open Until Christmas

  1. I loved this Lori, you are the Christmas Gift Police! 🙂 Have to agree with you, those presents should stay out of sight until Christmas Eve. It’s way too tempting, I agree! It sounds like a lot of fun, as well as love at your house. Merry Christmas to you all! 🙂

  2. Stay out of those gifts, Alan and Aliesha!! Putting it all out on Christmas Eve, is the only way! The reason I never put stuff under the tree when you were a kid, was: I did it!! Opened EVERY gift under our tree when I was 12 years old and Grandma and Grandpa were out! I did it! Re-taped it all, but opened them all! I learned from experience! Don’t put anything under that tree! Kids have no self-control! Not even adults, sometimes! Merry Christmas, Cop Lori! Love ya!

  3. I am with you my sister 🙂 Maybe because we grew up in the same house or something, but gifts don’t get put under the tree until Christmas Eve when the kids are all asleep. They don’t get opened until Christmas morning after Santa has been long gone with a full tummy of cookies and milk. Marissa doesn’t get to open anything on Christmas Eve because Santa hasn’t came! I love you Lori, have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

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