Seven “X” Seven Link Award

In a little over a week I have been nominated for 3 blogging awards. Pretty exciting since I didn’t see it coming and not particularly sure I am deserving. (Yes, I can be humble at times) So, it is with great humility and honor that I accept this first award , the 7X7 Link Award, presented to me by my good blogging friend Elyse over at FiftyFourandAHalf.

I am genuinely touched by your thoughtfulness of nominating me for this award Elyse. I know it sounds sappy and heart-felt and that’s because it is sappy and heart-felt! If any of you readers have not had the pleasure of meeting Elyse and her hilarious outlook on life as a 50 something, you better race on over to her blog and check her out. You won’t be disappointed!

I am finding that with most Blog Awards on WordPress there are stipulations that must be met upon acceptance of the coveted award. So, with the 7X7 Link Award the first thing you have to do is tell something about yourself that nobody knows. That’s a hard one because my mom is a devout follower of my blog and she pretty much knows everything about me. My husband also is my editor in chief, and again he knows everything about me. So I fear I must bend the rules a little and share something about myself that my close family knows but hopefully you don’t. Unless you have special intel-ops. Which in this day and age is quite possible.

Okay… did you know that when I’ve had it up to here with any kind of nonsense….I’ve had it up to here and I am not gonna take it any more?  Case in point: One time when I was getting terrible service at a certain fast food restaurant I actually went behind the counter and had words with the counter help. They had crossed my line, so I crossed theirs. Everyone who was with me could not believe I had crossed the boundary of customers vs. staff. A woman has to do what a woman has to do when she has been pushed to the limits. Maybe I am not all sunshiny and flowers as my blog header implies.

Now comes the 7X7 links to my pieces I feel are worthy to link up:
(more stipulations to the award)

Most Beautiful Piece: My Favorite Colors This post is actually a photography piece but sometimes a picture truly is worth a 1000 words.

Most Helpful: My Top 5 Important Life Lessons If you need help with life lessons I am sure I can offer sound advice through this post.

Most Popular: It is a neck and neck race for this subject. I have so many search engine hits on these 2 posts it is hilarious! Tokidoki Barbie and Jack In The Box Buckin’ Chicken Billboard.

Most Controversial: I haven’t written anything too heavy but I have received one comment on my Eyebrow Threading..What? post that made me think I may have offended someone. Not so much so that I removed the post. Too funny.

Most Surprisingly Successful: My tribute to the year I was born received a lot of traffic and nice comments. Memorable Events of 1961. I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised though because I knew everyone cared about me enough to stop by to wish me a Very Happy Birthday. What was interesting though was all the comments about Audrey Hepburn. I think everyone loves her as much as I do.

Most Underrated: I know the reason this post has not received the attention it deserves is because it was my second piece I wrote here on WordPress. Why Navigation Apps Were Created did not have the benefits of almost a 100 followers when it was posted. Nope, poor piece didn’t have a chance. But maybe you could go check it out now and show it some “love”.

Most Pride Worthy: It’s a humorous piece yet full of love. 31 Years Ago Today is a tribute to my son’s 31st birthday. Makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

Next step to the 7X7 Award fulfillment is to nominate 7 bloggers who I feel deserve the honor and hopefully haven’t already received it.  So here goes…

  1. LittleBlindGirl or LBG as she sometimes calls herself has such a great sense of humor and her creative writing skills are top notch.
  2. The twins, Gabby and Autumn always know how to put a smile on my face. Gabby with her cute walks down memory lane of growing up a twin and her twin sister Autumn’s poetry are good reads anytime.
  3. Sunshine over at her blog Simply Charming is just that….Simply Charming. I love how she shares her faith unabashed and her funny stories are just that too…very funny!
  4. I am not a mommy blog follower except when it comes to Debi’s accounts of “Shit” her 6 year old says.
  5. Rae at peasandcougars is a cute cartoonist with a quirky sense of humor and always good for a hearty laugh.
  6. If you enjoy photography you will certainly enjoy my next 2 nominations. readingmichael is a photo blog from Michael Ortiz. He shares photos and thoughts from his tour in Iraq. Also he posts a lot of cool shots of animals, art and nature. Check him out.
  7. rightinfrontofme is a daily photo blog of random thoughts, scenery and still life. Marc has fun with his hobby as you will see if you stop over and visit his site.

Well that about wraps up my work here on the acceptance speech, links and nominations of the 7X7 Link Blog Award. Now I need to go and  let my lucky recipients know of their upcoming festivities. Happy Blogging!

16 thoughts on “Seven “X” Seven Link Award

  1. Congratulations on 3 awards Lori! 🙂 Also, thank you so much for nominating Autumn and I for this 7X7 link award. We are both so touched, as well as honored you thought us worthy of this award. I do need to add I liked the news you aren’t always sunny. I still can’t picture you going behind the counter at the fast food place, but we all do have our limit don’t we? Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  2. Why thank you Lori for warming up my brrrr cold winter night with this lovely award! Congratulations on your three big awards!
    I’m gonna check out your neighbors you mentioned here so see ya! 🙂

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