Christmas In Bangkok

Most people I know want to spend Christmas at home with family. The idea of being at home with loved ones and opening presents, eating a huge, yummy Christmas dinner is what the special holiday is all about, tradition.

I agree, but….

2 years ago we spent Christmas with dear friends in Bangkok. Now I will admit that these friends are as close as family that any non-blood related people can be, but with that said it was clear on the other side of the world that we celebrated our Christmas that year.

Complete with Tree!

Our gracious hosts had their home all decorated for Christmas complete with a tree! Of course it was artificial. I can’t imagine a real Christmas tree in Thailand, kind of like having a real Christmas tree in the Sonoran Desert. Expensive!

These beautiful flowers on the back patio were not poinsettia’s but prettier! I love red and green.

Opening presents while wearing shorts and tank tops. No fire in a fireplace needed to warm up cold body parts!A beautiful coffee table book of Thailand was a wonderful gift since all of our pictures were not coffee table book worthy!Christmas Dinner was a traditional dinner for a table in the United States but for Thailand it was very special, it included a turkey. Turkey is very expensive in Thailand….almost as expensive as a real Christmas tree! Our friends were going all out for the Franks family.

On Christmas Day all the stores are open in Thailand because it is not a religious holiday. Most people in Thailand are Buddhist, but they still love to decorate for the holiday! So after celebrating Christmas at home we went to some of Bangkok’s huge malls to enjoy the lights and decorations. What a sea of humanity. I have never experienced so many people in close proximity as this day in Bangkok. Amazing.Ready, Set, Go!

Merry Christmas to our very good friends…you know who you are!


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