My Christmas Hearth And Home

Living in a digital world
And I am a digital girl
You know that we are living in a digital world
And I am a digital girl

Madonna’s “Material Girl” popped in my head for some strange reason tonight when Alan started the yule log in the fireplace.

Christmas With The Franks

The Franks Christmas Hearth looks pretty amazing! But guess what? It’s fake!

This is the best fireplace….Ever! No chopping, splitting, stacking, carrying heavy arm loads (bugs included) or buying wood. No splinters! No struggling with trying to get the darn thing started, no wet wood, no smoke filling up the house because of a closed damper or some such nonsense. No worrying of escaping sparks burning holes in the carpet. The perfect Fireplace!

Can you tell I have experience with wood heat?

This fireplace starts a crackling fire in seconds on my 42″ flat screen with a couple clicks of the PlayStation controller and Netflix. The program is called, “Fireplace For Your Home”. And with surround sound, the crackling and popping of the embers is lifelike! There are 2 versions for your cozy viewing pleasure. With Christmas music playing or without. I am enjoying the holiday music right now. Also this digital fireplace is not looped, no, it is a real fire burning and video taped for an hour!

The only down fall… heat. But sometimes if I concentrate real hard I actually feel warmer as I gaze into the image of the digital flames dancing on the digital logs.


12 thoughts on “My Christmas Hearth And Home

  1. Love this and just last evening I had one of these on my TV in my office and then set one up on my desktop computer. I LOVE it.
    GREAT post….snuggle up Lori….

  2. Someone I “knew” many years ago, had this video too! No mess, no fuss! Ranks right up there with a “video pet”! Boot up that picture of a mutt and you don’t have to scoop poop either! No fleas! No tics! Enjoy! Love you!

    • I can easily replace a messy fireplace but sorely afraid that I couldn’t replace Zildjian. Lately he has become very social, he has even taken a liking to Aliesha! I think we may have to keep him around awhile πŸ™‚

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