Count Down to Christmas Memories

Only 7 more days until Christmas! Yikes!

I thought I would share 7 of my favorite Christmas memories to commemorate the count down to the best day of the year.

  1. When I was a kid besides the presents I actually looked forward to unloading my stocking. Santa would always put a Santa’s Lifesavers Sweet StoryBook in my sock. I loved that present. I would always try to make those candies last as long as possible. My favorite in the book were the cherry rolls but I ate them all, even the peppermint!
  2. I loved making sugar cookies. My poor sweet mother didn’t love it as much as us kids but she always let us help. We had such cool cookie cutters (they’re vintage now!) and decorating the cookies was a a special treat. Frosting, colorful candy sprinkles, cinnamon dots and chocolate sprinkles would turn plain sugar cookies into holiday works of art.
  3. My grandfather was employed by J.Hoffert Co…Christmas trees were their specialty. Every year we would go to the lot and pick out the most beautiful tree. Full Douglas firs, so perfect you didn’t have to worry about which side was facing out. Decorating the tree was a family endeavor. Mom would do the worst part. String the lights. Then us kids would get out all the ornaments. Fight over the best ones. Eventually we would have a fully decked out tree. Time for hot chocolate and pictures!
  4. When we lived in Oregon on the “Hill” we cut down our Christmas trees from our own property. Our house was small so we didn’t need a big tree. Even though the trees were never full and perfect like the ones when I was a kid, more like the famed Charlie Brown Christmas trees, they were special because we got them off our own property.
  5. Another tree memory is also from our years living in Oregon. When we moved off the hill we started driving up in the mountains to hunt for our Christmas trees. We mostly went as a family, taking hiking boots, an axe, and hot chocolate. It was along ordeal because I was always like…”Ohhh there’s a good one….oh nope, bald on one side” Repeatedly. Finally we would find a tree and felt that it was a successful “hunt” with our trophy tied to the top of the vehicle. I said that mostly we went as a family because one year Alan and his buddy went out to hunt for trees. The testosterone was high during this tree hunt because when they came home with those trees I had to rearrange the livingroom furniture just to make the monster tree fit. It has been our biggest tree ever! And the most beautiful.

Now some funny memories….

6.  One Christmas when I was about 9 or 10 we visited my grandparents. They lived in a senior community, complete with a recreational center. The rec center was decorated to the hilt with a grand tree and lights and there was music and cookies. The plan was to walk down there and partake in the festivities. But for some reason it didn’t happen. This is how the evening went….”Put your coats on, take your coats off.” Repeatedly. Not sure what the deal was, and not really sure I want to know. (You don’t have to reveal the truth if you don’t want to ….Mom.) What is funny is that whenever our family vacillates on doing something or another, “Put your coats on…take your coats off”, is quoted proudly.

7.  A more recent quite funny Christmas memory is of my oldest son, who is 6′ tall, sitting on the floor like a monkey playing the drums on PlayStation Rock Band because the drum stand was broken and wouldn’t adjust to his height. He sat there on the floor all hunched over beating those silly drums through a few sets until he started getting cramps in his back and legs. Reminded me of the Little Drummer Boy, kind of.  Weezers, “Say It Ain’t So” never sounded so good!

One more week! And a chance to make new memories, traditions and laughs.


6 thoughts on “Count Down to Christmas Memories

  1. I remember so well getting a lifesavers book too! I loved that. and we always always cut down our own trees.
    fun memories…..
    put your coats on; take them off…..

  2. Oh, Lori! No one can get as much mileage out of “Put your coats on! Take your coats off!”, as our family, huh? I’ll try and “clean it up” and remember the reason Grandma & Grandpa kept saying it! I really think the rec room was done up for the “legal” residents of the facility! Not for a family with four “monkeys” descending on the glorious room! So! I think it was Grandpa who was the errand boy and had to truck on down to the rec room and scan it for true members. If there were a lot of people there, back he’d come and tell us all to take our coats off! No one can enjoy this “saying” as much as all of us! “Outsiders”, just don’t get it! We never did get to that rec room! We all had more fun over the years, remembering the silly event! Love ya, Sweet Lori!

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