Slippers In Public

I love fashion. I love comfort.

So why don’t I love the new fashion trend of wearing slippers in public?

Maybe it’s because it reminds me of when ladies used to wear their hair up in rollers as they went grocery shopping, to the bank, to pick up their prescriptions or cigarettes at the corner drug store or running to pick the kids up from school.

I never understood why in the world a woman would go outside the privacy of her home in rollers. They always looked totally undone. And the scarf tied around the head did nothing to help conceal the fashion disgrace. Thankfully I don’t see this fashion sin anymore.

Now it’s slippers and PJ’s. Everywhere I look. Discount stores, malls, fast food restaurants, even some nice sit down restaurants, banks, corner drug stores, schools, and dance clubs. Everyone is wearing slippers and pajamas.These folks just look undone and like they just got out of bed. Maybe they did?

A few days ago I was at Wal-Mart and I saw a teenage boy wearing pink fuzzy breast cancer awareness slippers. “Hey, I am glad you support the cause but maybe you could wear a nice lapel pin instead.”

The other night when I was at my after party at a fairly upscale club, one of the waitresses was wearing booty shorts, fish net stockings and black fuzzy boot slippers! I asked Alan if he thought she looked hot. “No, she looks bizarre”, was his answer. “Just checking, because that’s what I was thinking too!”

Last night we were at the mall. I saw more slippers than regular shoes! What’s the world coming to?

I don’t know, I might cave to the fashion peer pressure. Alan and Aliesha got me a really cute pair of warm fuzzy boot slippers for my birthday. They are so comfy and very fashionable. I’m tempted to sport them out my front door, just to the car and then the drive through at the bank or maybe a fast food joint. I just don’t think I’m really to be seen in public in my slippers and PJ’s.


10 thoughts on “Slippers In Public

    • Yeah, I think mohawks are coming back…I’ve seen 3 guys sporting ‘hawks the past couple days. One was bright blue. I thought mohawks were an 80’s thing? But I guess fashion is a big circle that always come back around. I just don’t ever recall slippers and PJ’s in this circle!

  1. I think there is a real problem when people just don’t care what they look like any more. And even though folks my age have been saying that for generations, this time it’s true? Slippers in public? For goodness sakes. Except yours, that is — as long as you wear those jammies, too!

  2. It is crazy isn’t it?
    I remember visiting my daughter at University about 10 years back. I woke her up one morning for class and she brushed her teeth and ran out the door, still clad in pj’s and slippers. I was shocked and thought she forgot. When i tried to remind her, she said “Everyone does this Mom” Yikes! At least they were comfy but one has to wonder how serious can they be about Economics or Quantum Physics clad like that?????
    Great post, Lori!

    • 10 years ago? I haven’t been paying close attention I guess. Wearing this type of attire to class makes me think it would be very hard to concentrate on my studies…I would want to just snuggle up with my blankie and take a nap!

  3. How ugly and so uncouth! Like being caught with two different shoes on! No excuse! If any of you kids tried going out in public with this attire on, would have handcuffed you to your beds till you came to your senses! Love ya!

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