Company Christmas Party was Ben’s Brother…Damn Gay

It’s all so confusing I know. But let me explain…

I’ve been to a lot of parties in my lifetime and I would have to say last night’s Company Christmas Party was the worst party I have ever attended.

Description: cheap, unorganized, awkward, boring, stupid, lame, ridiculous…you get the picture.

Around our house when something really sucks, bites, stinks or is just messed up sometimes we will say, “That was Ben’s Brother….Damn Gay!”

Which brings me to Bengay…Damn’s brother…or in my particular case the past few days, Icy Hot.

My sore calf muscle which has been plaguing me for the past week is actually healing a little. I think. I purchased an ace bandage so I could wrap my leg up tight (but not too tight as to cut off circulation…Elyse!) and it seems to really help. I was able to work a long day for the Company today without further injury. I am a devoted employee. Even if the Christmas Party was Damn Gay.

The Bright Side? I always try to find a glimmer of shiny…

Well…there was an after party. At a different location.

Description: cheap drinks, loud music, dancing, …you get the picture…good times!

And with my injured calf all wrapped up like an early Christmas gift I was actually able to dance a little!


7 thoughts on “Company Christmas Party was Ben’s Brother…Damn Gay

  1. Glad you were able to dance and have some fun at the “after party” Lori. Also happy to hear your calf muscle is feeling better, hope it heals all the way very soon! πŸ™‚

  2. Glad you had fun and danced — we all need more dancing in life, don’t you think?

    And sorry I am such a worrier — but not about ace bandages. I would have assumed that if it cut off your circulation that you, being a highly intelligent member of the species, would loosen it! Am forever branded — “funny unless you’re on drugs …” ?

    • I love dancing. But I must admit I am old fashioned when it comes to cutting a rug. Some of the dancing nowadays is…well…risque. Quite a show the other night!
      And don’t be sorry! I need people looking out for me πŸ™‚ Also with alcohol consumption at high levels I am not so sure I would have noticed loss of circulation. Glad I applied the bandage while I was sober.

  3. Hi, Lori! Could’ve taken it to the bank that it’d be a bust after the KFC fiasco! Glad the post party was fun! Love ya!

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