Company Christmas Party

I love Christmas. I love a good Party.

With that said….Shouldn’t a Christmas Party be the best party ever?

So why do I feel like my upcoming Company Christmas Party is going to blow wind like Old Man Winter with pneumonia?

  • Maybe it’s because the announcement posted in the break room was only put up the day before yesterday that we were even going to have a party.
  • Maybe it’s because the party is this Thursday. (5 days notice)
  • Maybe it’s because the announcement said the place: to be determined.
  • Maybe it’s because the gift exchange is volunteer based. (What?)
  • Maybe it because I was hit up today for a $x donation for a gift for the GM.

On the bright side…..we found out today that the party will be held off the business property at a restaurant that has a bar. And I have a designated driver! Maybe it won’t be such a bad party after all.


8 thoughts on “Company Christmas Party

  1. Sometimes things thrown together at the last minute turn out to be the best. $ for a gift for the GM? ok, so long as you get one too, be it a bonus, a turkey or fruit basket. Too often the guys with the big pay checks are then offered something bought from the minions scrounging together their hard earned pennies. Just my opinion though….
    Have fun and let us know how it goes.

  2. Lori-Party Girl! Funny it was all thrown together so fast and the GM is going to get a “gift”? After the KFC fiasco, I’d go “cheap”! A designated driver is good…ENJOY! Love ya!

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