Billboard of the Week ~ I Do Believe in Zombies!

In honor of my new category, “Signs of the Times”, I present the following submission…

Will Meth Make Me Dig At My Own Skin?

Probably Sweetie and possibly everyone’s skin around you as well!

I feel I need to quote the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz…”I do believe in Zombies, I do, I do!”

I also have a couple questions for the Arizona Meth Project….

Do people who use meth or who are thinking of using, really ask this question?

Do you seriously think people are going to ask you any questions before they use?

Where did you find the model for this photo shoot?


11 thoughts on “Billboard of the Week ~ I Do Believe in Zombies!

  1. Thats awesome!
    Someone should call Arizona Meth Project and ask that. Then when they tell you yes and go into the negatives of meth, stop them and say “crap; alright thanks’. And then hang up…;)

  2. Lori! Can only imagine what this person looks like! Go down to Pioneer Square–Portland’s Living Room, and you can see the effects of this marvelous lifestyle! Our wonderful Mayor lets them “live” anywhere they please and panhandle till the cows come home! They wonder why downtown businesses are shutting up shop? Don’t get me started! Lovely living in a “Sanctuary City”! Love ya!

  3. Well, she looks like a zombie with a really intense look on her face as she is scratching her cheek. Poor thing!
    I haven’t seen anyone like this anywhere, except in the movies. The Arizona Meth Project is exaggerating just a bit, I think.

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