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On Thanksgiving Day I had an extra special treat…. I got to talk to Joshua on the phone. For those of you who do not follow my blog closely, (yet)….Josh is my youngest son. We don’t get to talk as often I as would like, so it is super cool when we do get to spend sometime with each other.

Joshua is hanging out in Eugene, Oregon right now working on some music promoting and venue searching for….himself. Josh has had a love for music ever since he was old enough to learn to play a guitar and all this love has grown more throughout his life. Joshua plays many instruments well including the guitar, bass guitar and drums. His true love of creating music is mixing and making beats.

DJ Yeshua

He told me on Thanksgiving Day that he recently invested in a lot of new equipment and is all fired up to do some shows. He is looking for venues anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. So now I am promoting my son.

Maybe I could be his manager mom. No, probably not, I ‘m not hip enough.

He has uploaded some of his tracks to Soundcloud. Click here to give him a listen…DJ Yeshua Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a website where people can upload music and share it with the world.

Joshua is signed with the Record Co. formerly known as Omni Dose, located in the heart of San Juan Islands, Orcas Island, Washington State. If you are interested in booking information please contact # 541.654.6841

I am pretty proud of Joshua, he is chasing his dream and having fun running after it.

My son the musician.


2 thoughts on “DJ Yeshua ~ Techouse

  1. Whoa!! This is awesome Lori! I like your not hip enough to be his manager mom…*sniffle, always gets to the heart when you realize your parenting days are shelved in the by-gone days.

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