I Hate Being Cold

I have become acclimated to the heat that Phoenix, Arizona is known for throughout the world. When people talk about Phoenix, images similar to the Sahara desert come to mind.

Yes…. ’tis true that we have many months of 100+ temps for months-on-end in the summer. And, yes it is hard to bare if you don’t own an air conditioned car or have air conditioning in your home. It is also important to gain employ indoors that is climate controlled. But it is a dry heat. And it is wonderful.

For someone like me who hates being cold, Phoenix is the best place to live. There are other places I would like to live that are warm year-round as well, but alas, that is not where I’m to be at this time. So Phoenix it is. And Phoenix I love.

Except this past week!

Now I don’t mean to whine, but it has been cold here in Phoenix. With highs during the day of 55 degrees F. and lows at night of 32 F. (we had frost the last 2 nights!) I feel as if I am in need of a set of thermal underwear and earmuffs.

Before you start criticizing me on my winter weather whimpyness….remember 55 is 60 degrees colder than I am used to.

It reminds me of my good friend who went to Thailand for a few years and became acclimated to the warm weather there. When her and her family came to visit us in Oregon for part of the summer she sat around the house all bundled up in a blanket. It was in the high 80’s and we thought it was roasting and wanted to turn on our AC. She begged us, chattering under her blanket, “please don’t turn that AC on!, I’m freezing.” I thought she was crazy.

Now I know how she felt.

While most of the country would enjoy the somewhat mild winter (in comparison) that we experience here in Phoenix, I’m freezing. Just last week we had days in the high 70’s. Now they are reporting that we won’t break into the 70’s for another week or so. And that we are having below average temperatures. Ya think? All the bedding plants I just bought are dying from frost.

And me? I bought knit gloves tonight at Wal-Mart because my hands are numb. I’m layered up with freaking undershirts, socks and slippers!

Others in the country and the world who are subjected to snow, ice and below zero temps would probably think the weather here in Phoenix right now could warrant wearing Speedos and swimming outdoors.

But for me this is winter. And I’m cold. Very cold. This is enough winter weather for me! I’m ready for summer and 110 degrees. I’m ready to wear my flip flops and shorts. Sorry no Speedos for me!


4 thoughts on “I Hate Being Cold

  1. Living in Bermuda, I can totally relate to your feelings about that kind of cold; however, here it is a DAMP cold. When it hits the 60’s even and especially the 50’s, we light the fire and pull out the woolies. The coldest it has ever been here is 47 and man that was freezing. And I was brought up in North Eastern Nova Scotia, Canada. Burrrrrr.
    one huge difference is, I HATE the intense humidity and heat of our loooooong summers. ha ha Never happy.
    GREAT post, as always

    • I am with you on the humidity factor. Not comfortable, you always feel as if you just got out of the shower! I lived in Iowa for 6 years and the summers were just as yucky intense as the winters. I would hang out my laundry to dry….and it never would! So oppressive, that kind of heat.

      My cute knit gloves I bought yesterday already have a hole in them! I’m taking them back, even though they only cost $1.40, they should last more than an hour. Maybe the shipment sent to Phoenix was the defective batch. The durable hand warmers were all sent to the places that really need them!

  2. Oh, my gosh! Lori! 43 today when we went to get haircuts! I was triple layered too! I refuse to complain though! If you do any “time” in a sub-zero clime, you don’t complain about 43 as a high temp! Living in Vermont for those four years, minus-36, I never complain–EVER!
    Stay toasty, Sweet Thing. Summer is right around the corner for you! Love ya!

    • I know I shouldn’t complain…but even Zildjian is fluffed up to stay warm! I finally turned the heater on and he is all cuddled up to it. Hope he doesn’t singe his fur!

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