Memorable Events of 1961

Tomorrow is my Birthday! It’s the big one. 50. Yikes!

It all happened so fast. Seems like a few years ago I was turning 25. That was a momentous birthday for me. My mom was so sweet and made me a special dinner. She gave me a Happy Bearthday coffee cup that I still have and that my oldest son Daniel, when he turned 25, drank his coffee from that same cup! I remember thinking…wow!….a quarter of a century years old! Now I’m half way there. Geez.

Anyways… in celebration of this landmark occasion I want to share some events that happened in my birthyear. Some pretty cool, some not.

  • Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians was the top grossing film of the year at  $60,679,097

  • West Side Story was #2 , but won 4 Academy Awards and Breakfast At Tiffany’s #7 (I love Audrey Hepburn)

  • January 20 – John F. Kennedy is the first U.S. president to be sworn in, in a color telecast on television.
  • Car 54, Where Are You?, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Mister Ed all made their television debut.
  • January 31 – Ham the Chimp, a 37-pound (17-kg) male chimpanzee, is rocketed into space aboard Mercury-Redstone 2.      
  • March 21- the Beatles perform at the Cavern Club, Liverpool for the 1st time.

  • May 5 – Mercury program: Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space aboard Mercury-Redstone 3.
  • May 4 – U.S. Freedom Riders begin interstate bus rides to test the new U.S. Supreme Court integration decision. Without great success.

  • August 13 – Construction of the Berlin Wall begins. The wall is completed in just 18 days!

  • November – The Fantastic Four #1 comic debuts, launching the Marvel Universe and revolutionizing the American comic book industry. 10 cents!!

  • December 3- Lori Ann Herrick was born to Ken and Barbara Herrick

  • December 11-The Vietnam War officially begins, as the first American helicopters arrive in Saigon along with 400 U.S. personnel.
  • Here is a picture of a 1961 Volkswagen Bug….this really was our family car!

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Truth is I had to search out most of this information on the internet. Thank you Wikipedia for help with the year I was born, because sometimes I can’t even remember what happened yesterday….I am 50 years old now and they say your memory is the first to go!


16 thoughts on “Memorable Events of 1961

  1. by the clock on my computer at this exact second it is only 11:29 PM on the 1st of December so your birthday is still a whole day away. So you are still 49 years old for one more day 🙂 I love you Lori. Happy Birthday to the greatest sister in the world!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Lori!
    If you’re a half a century old, what does that make me? Dead? In “dog years” I’d be dead for sure!
    It was the best day in ’61!! Love ya! MOM

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  4. Have a blessed and joyful Birthday, Lori. You go girl!
    I loved reading your post about events from that year. I am only 12 years older than you BUT I can remember all of those things first hand! I AM ANCIENT…………
    Happy Happy Day!

  5. Happy, Happy BearthDay Lori!!!!
    Don’t worry, you are still younger than me and loads of the rest of your bloging family. I thoroughly enjoyed the history review (I lived through it, so shouldn’t I remember all of it?). It was, as someone else suggested a very good year!

  6. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I had the most excellent birthday! My grandkids ages 5 and 3 called me on the phone and sang Happy Birthday to me. Now that’s a reward for turning 50!

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