Snowbirds Flock To Phoenix

Ever wonder about Snowbirds?

I have always heard the term and thought it sounded like a good idea. If you live some place really cold in the Winter and you have the means to get out of the icebox and warm up, why not?

I lived in Iowa during the winter. 6 years worth. The frozen landscape did nothing for me, except make me want to escape. I wanted to be a snowbird. I saw the flocks of real birds getting out of dodge in “V” formation and wished I could join them. But we did not have the means back then and I didn’t have wings. We were stuck. Spring and Fall were the only seasons I enjoyed while living there. Although it was difficult to enjoy Fall because you knew Winter was right around the corner and all your extremities were going to freeze off.

Now we live in Phoenix. Snowbird mecca. I love the Winters here.

For the past week I have been reading posts about Winter settling in for many of you poor souls. I realize some people enjoy winter and the snow, ice and cold, dark days. Shoveling snow to get to your car and then shoveling some more to get out of the driveway. Bundling up in layers of thermal, wool and down to the point you can hardly move your legs or arms.

Hey sounds like lots of fun!

Me…I love warmth. I do not like to be cold. At.All. I am allergic to temperatures below 50 degrees. I break out in uncontrollable shivers.

I am a perfect example of a Snowbird. Even though I now live in Phoenix year round, I am the type of person who is nic-named “Snowbird”.

I came up with a handy list of Snowbird Qualifications:

  • We do not want to be cold. Ever.
  • We do not want to experience frost bite, rosy cheeks, chattering teeth or runny noses.
  • We do not want to wear parkas, or any type of thick coat. (stylish outerwear for fashion purposes are ok)
  • We do not want to wear gloves, ski masks, thermal underwear or wool socks.
  • We want to wear open toed shoes year round. (my fav…flip flops)
  • We do not want to shovel snow, scrape ice, thaw pipes or chop and stack firewood.
  • We do not want to set our clocks forward or backwards.
  • We want to grow flowers outside year round.
  • We want to enjoy being outdoors October through March.

Case in point…

Today consisted of enjoying 78 degrees F. while cleaning up my flower beds, planting petunias, pansies and tomato plants. I also put up my Christmas decorations with my windows and patio door open so I could hear my Christmas Music on the stereo. Jealous?

Maybe you’re a Snowbird too!


4 thoughts on “Snowbirds Flock To Phoenix

  1. Hi, Ms Snowbird!
    My sentiments exactly! Here, in Portland, everything is soggy most of the year and all of my tubs of flowers have moss growing on all sides! The famous saying, that we don’t tan, we rust, is SO true!
    I’d live in Phoenix in a heart beat, all Winter!
    I live in warm-ups and jeans and sweat shirts almost year-round here! Icky! I envy you, Sweet Thing! Love,


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