Franks Family Smart Phone Update

As you may recall, The Franks Family now have their very own smart phones. We made the upgrade/purchase a few weeks ago and there was a news flash posted right here for your reading pleasure. Hope you had a chance to read that…if not, here is a handy-dandy link to the report:

The Franks Family Has Entered The Smart Phone World

Well, now that we have had a couple weeks to play around with the new phone technology I felt it was time to share some observations and differences between the old cell phone and the new Smart phone.

My first observation is these new Smart Phones are just what they claim to be; smart. Very smart. Too smart. Smarter than me.

The conclusion to my observation on this matter is…I don’t like electronic devices that are smarter than me.

Don’t get me wrong. It would be hard to live without these techno-appendages. All of the current technology thingies make life very easy, very easy indeed. Once you learn how to use them! See that’s the problem, learning how to make the devices function properly.

I am getting the hang of this Smart Phone business. It is a learning process that takes patience and endurance. I’m proud to say I have learned how to download apps, use my navigational app, (very important for directionally challenged people) play Angry Birds, text, read my texts, take pictures, send pictures, check my email and log onto WordPress to read posts and check my comments. I haven’t tried blogging from my phone yet. Not sure I will in the near future either. I am a slow writer and it would take way too much time to tackle that project from my phone. Maybe I will try a picture post sometime.

Did you notice something missing from my list of accomplishments?

Like making Phone Calls? From my phone?

Herein lies the nostalgia and longing for my old cell phone. The simple task of making a phone call is really complicated on my new Smart Phone. Oh, I am not so stupid that I can’t complete the task. It was just so much simpler on my old phone.

Steps on Old Phone to make a call:

  1. Click down button
  2. Scroll to favorite person to call
  3. Push call

Steps on New Smart Phone to make a call:

  1. Turn phone on (these smart phones always power down)
  2. Unlock the phone (security feature so you aren’t butt calling people or downloading unwanted apps and using up all your data allotment for the month  from your sensitive sleek touch screen)
  3. Click Home button
  4. Click Phone Icon
  5. Now decide if you want to use Voice Command or Contacts List
  6. Click Contacts Icon
  7. Scroll through contacts
  8. Click on person to call
  9. Now you have to choose message or call….Click Call button (who was I calling again? I forgot!)

I think it is rather comical that I can check the weather, log onto Facebook, WordPress, check my emails, search the web or even check my data usage with only 1 or 2 clicks past the powering up and unlocking versus making a phone call in 9 steps!

Alan was the one to bring up the subject tonight. He shared all these same frustrations, I just hadn’t said anything about it because I didn’t want to sound Smart Phone challenged. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Missing a step or a setting or something. Then Aliesha sealed the deal when she totally agreed with her Dad by stating, “Yeah, the phone function on these new phones is a lot of work.” If a tech savvy teenager sees the dis-function on the high tech gadget, I must not be too Smart Phone illiterate after all.

So I figured it was okay to share with the world.


8 thoughts on “Franks Family Smart Phone Update

  1. Really, when you think of it, we ARE pretty darn smart and tech clever. Honestly, I remember my very first computer…Commodore 64. You had to format discs etc etc. It was a nightmare and guess what I did in the first year we had it? I taught myself EVERYTHING (no help books either, just the one that came with) AND I managed to write a whole 55,000 word romance novel, print it out AND send it to the publishers and ALL without my husband knowing about it. ha ha ha
    No, it was not published but I was asked to fly to Toronto to talk to them about my writing. I was so darn thrilled that I wrote a few more and I still have them here. ha

    • I do remember the Commodore 64 and I got so frustrated trying to write some program to make a stickman run or something like that. I can’t remember what it did exactly because I was unsuccessful. Epic fail with the program writing. I am very impressed with your accomplishments….writing a novel! WOW! And printing it too! I have trouble with my printer now days just making a copy of a purchase made on online, or any simple task. Jammed paper,trouble connecting to the computer or some other such nonsense. You rock the techno!

    • I know what you mean…But can we talk about the price of this upgrade? That was very painful to the bank account. We already got our first bill and I needed to be sitting down when I read that 5 page invoice!

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