Tokidoki Barbie

I am a Barbie Girl. And it’s a Barbie World.


It’s kind of funny because I don’t have a huge Barbie collection or anything like that. It’s just that I loved Barbie when I was a kid. And I think she is a pretty cool doll today.

She can be a fashion model, a surfer, a Christmas Queen, any Disney Princess, a movie star, rock star, a birth stone, astronaut, doctor, basically any theme you can think of, Barbie has been there andΒ  done that.

The newest Barbie controversy is the Tokidoki Barbie. The Tattoo Artist!

Tokidoki Barbie sold out!

Tokidoki Barbie was created by Simone Legno of the Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand Tokidoki. She is the spokes-doll for cutting-edge fashion! Tokidoki Barbie wears a pink bob hairstyle and matching pink miniskirt, cute print leggings and black top with skull heart and cross bones, she sports a large printed hand bag and adds fashionable bracelets, a vampire kiss belt, and cutest of all, sparkly silvery stilettos! Even though her clothes by conservative standards are questionable, the main topic of this Barbie doll are her tattoos.

Full Dragon Tattoo on Her Back

These tattoos are not stickers that can be removed, no, they are permanent, the real deal. Many parents feel this Barbie sets an example for young girls, that it’s okay to get tattooed.

Maybe so.

But, I don’t believe this Barbie was manufactured for little girls. She is a Gold Collector’s Doll and I bet you Mattel was thinking of the adult collector when they designed her. I think she is super cute and I wish I could have her under my Christmas tree. But sadly, that will not be happening because Mattel only manufactured 7,400 of these tatted Barbies and they are sold out!

The only way a consumer can purchase one of these cutting edge fashionista Barbie’s is on Amazon or Ebay and not for the $50 Mattel price. No, no, no! the Cheapest I have seen Tokidoki Barbie is $368.00

So…. Tokidoki Barbie will not be under my tree this Christmas no matter how hard I look at my Christmas Wishbook, plead, beg and pray to Santa. Reality is… if I had almost $400 dollars to blow, it sure wouldn’t be spent on a Barbie doll!


11 thoughts on “Tokidoki Barbie

  1. You really are the Barbie girl Lori! πŸ™‚ I was surprised to see the new tattoo Barbie, sorry she won’t be under your Christmas tree this year. Tokidoki Barbe is rather pricey, isn’t she? I know she is for the collector, but that price on Ebay is pretty steep!

  2. πŸ™‚ Don’t be sorry Gabby…it’s really ok. She’s cute, but not $400 cute! I wonder why Mattel didn’t manufacture more? They aren’t making any money off the high prices on Ebay, those are private sellers. It seems they would have manufactured more and cashed in, or charged more than $50 to begin with!

  3. I was a Barbie girl and was saving my Barbie’s for my future children. Dad put my collection in the attic where the squirrels thought they were food. So still a Barbie girl but with no Barbie’s from the past. No Gold Collector’s Doll for me, afraid I can’t be trusted with them.

    • Rodents can wreck havoc upon precious things. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. My daughter-in-law lost all her photographs while they were stored in the garage to rats. Big Bummer, but what can you do?

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