Unique Blogging Styles vs Blogging Rules

I have come to the conclusion that blogging is as vast as the people who blog.

Makes sense.

On WordPress alone you have hundreds of thousands of people sharing their thoughts in words, so…. the styles, the subjects and the enjoyment is as varied as the actual people sharing.

Lately I have seen a few posts with tips and techniques to increase views on your blog. I am not sure I believe wholeheartedly in many of these blogging tips.  Maybe they work, maybe they don’t. I enjoy writing a certain way and if I were to change my style to please and cause certain people to come to my blog….would it really be my blog? I feel a blog is like a thumb print…each one is unique and personal. Should we be cookie cutter blogs? If we were all to follow certain blogging rules and guidelines isn’t that going to be the outcome?

If I find a tip that I can implement easily, I do. It is usually one I am already practicing though. Like my favorite…Keep your posts short and to the point.



7 thoughts on “Unique Blogging Styles vs Blogging Rules

  1. I agree that we shouldn’t be changing our style to attract more people. It’s not about who has the highest numbers. It’s about writing something that resonates so much with a reader that they’re inspired, motivated, or simply stop for a moment in their busy day and think about it.

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