Jack In The Box Buckin’ Chicken Billboard

Well, well….

I posted a rant awhile back about Jack In The Box and I am pleasantly surprised at the views that I get on that post daily. Mostly it is people searching for the billboard, not me ranting about my dislike of that fast food establishment. But I don’t care…views of my blog are views of my blog. With those stats, I felt I needed to take my own picture of this ridiculousness so my readers don’t have to view a cutoff advertisement I stole borrowed from the internet.

Drum Roll……

The Prized Ridiculous Buckin' Billboard

There is a funny story about obtaining this photo. This billboard is very close to home but on a 4 lane busy road with no shoulder or emergency lane. For weeks I have been saying to myself every time I pass by….which is at least 6 times a day….I need to take a picture of that stupid Jack on a buckin’ chicken. But alas, there was always some excuse…I’m in a hurry, the lighting isn’t right, too dark, too bright, where the heck am I gonna park? On and on.

Then again today on the way home from work I said to Alan who was driving, “I need a picture of that stupid billboard.

Alan: “You want it right now?”

“Well, I’m kinda tired and I don’t want to have to get out of the car, cross 4 lanes of traffic on foot and try to get a good shot”, I whined.

Alan: “Do you want the picture or not?”

“Yes, I need that picture!”

Alan: “I will take the picture for you, because I love you so much and you are the best thing that ever happened to me and it is the least I can do for you, my love, I will risk my life and limb to obtain that Buckin’ Ridiculous photo!”

He probably didn’t say all that…but that’s what I heard.

So…. photo credit goes to my wonderful husband, Alan.

Enjoy all you Jack fans!

Note: I have decided to add a new category to my blog. It is called “Signs of the Times” I see so many funny, weird, crazy and “informational” signs around I thought I would dedicate a special category for these unique “advertisements”.


9 thoughts on “Jack In The Box Buckin’ Chicken Billboard

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  2. I also wanted to get a picture of the billboard near my home…but a busy interstate hwy. When I tried to point it out, I was disappointed to see that it was no longer there! I wondered if someone complained because of the wording. Interesting…now it is replaced by a McDonalds billboard…??

    • Hi Jackie,
      I believe the billboard I photographed was also replaced by a McDonald’s ad….for $1 any size drinks including sweet tea. Not as controversial, but it was in Spanish. 🙂

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