Auto Topic ~ Whatcha Doing After Work?

Really the auto topic was titled…..What’s the first thing you do when you get off work?

But I like my title better.

The very first thing I do when I get off work is get the heck out of there. I think it’s kind of strange when people hang out at the work place off the clock. I want to ask those co-workers, “Whatcha doing? Let’s blow this Popsicle Stand!” (No, I don’t work at an ice cream shop)

One frustration of my employment is I never know what time I am going to get out of there until I arrive in the morning.  It can be a bit of a challenge to make any kind of plans for the remainder of my day when I don’t know the time that my remainder begins.

My job is physically demanding so if I do put in a long day the last thing I want to do when I get off work is go to the bank, get gas, shop for groceries or any kind of shopping for that matter. And the very last thing I want to do if I have worked hard all day is go to the gym. (Maybe I should have titled this post…Whatcha Not Going To Do After Work!)

My new PCP recently asked me if I exercise daily. I answered proudly, “Yes, my job is physically demanding.” Well, apparently that wasn’t good enough in his doctor mind. He tells me I need to go to the gym after work and get my cardio up for 30 minutes a day, at least.

I laughed.

“No. You don’t understand. I work out all day long!”

Then he asked, “Whatcha going to do for an exercise program when you quit your job?”


I never said anything about quitting my job…..I get paid to work out!

I do go to the gym occasionally after work.

I just happen to go out to dinner after work a lot more often than I go run 2 miles.


6 thoughts on “Auto Topic ~ Whatcha Doing After Work?

  1. As a slug with a desk job, where the only body parts that get a work out is my butt and my fingers, I hate to go to the gym after work too. So I don’t. BUT, I do have a dog, who in addition to loving me like no one else, makes me take him out, regardless of the weather, regardless of whether I want to, regardless of my excuses. I consider him my furry gym!

    • I don’t have a dog….I have a cat and he likes to cat nap all day. I come home from work and he crawls out from his cat cave (a spot in my closet) all squinty eyed, must be a ruff life! All my cat inspires me to do is curl up and go to sleep. Sadly, I had plans to go to the gym this afternoon after work but it didn’t happen…excuses, excuses!

  2. I feel your pain Lori. It must be a common notion that having an active job makes up for exercise, or is exercise. I get the same nonsense when I ask my patients what they do for exercise. “Oh, I chase after my grandchildren all day.” “Oh, I’m very active at work.” Nope, sorry, not exercise. I’m one of those silly PCPs who expects people to exercise IN ADDITION to being active. They hate me.

    Looks like you have a nice blog here. Good luck with it and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • I don’t hate you Huffygirl, but I hate that I feel guilty, like I know I should be doing more but I just can’t some days.
      (Heavy sigh… with a 🙂 )
      In my defense… I have lost 25 lbs. since I started working at this job.

      Thanks for the read and the comment,

  3. Lori: This was delightful! My favorite part is “I think it’s kind of strange when people hang out at the work place off the clock. I want to ask those co-workers, ‘Whatcha doing? Let’s blow this Popsicle Stand!'” You don’t know me, but I swear that is a direct quote of mine. I actually said it last week to a co-worker and I could tell she was uber-offended.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by to read my stories and to subscribe. That was lovely. All the best with your blog. I’ll be stopping by often.

  4. Great minds think alike!
    Another anomaly I don’t understand is working off the clock. What’s up with that?
    It was a pleasure to stop by and read your humorous stories, it’s stranger than you know how much we think alike.

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