A while ago I was visiting my cardiologist and as I was being weighed the medical assistant, with my chart in hand, asked, ” Is your PCP the same ?”


Don’t you love when medical professionals start spouting all kinds of jargon like us regular people know that the heck they are talking about?

My mind went quickly back to the olden days when I was in high school and the bad kids who used to lace their pot with PCP. I always believed it to be elephant tranquilizer, might be, that’s what I was told, I’m sticking to it. So, I am standing there on the scale wondering why she is asking me about my PCP and if it’s the same.

My stumble must have clued her in on my confusion because she repeated, ” Is Dr. Moron still your Primary Care Physician?

Ahhhh…. “Yes.”

And thank you very much for reminding me of the fact that I am still under the care of Dr. Moron. I need to dump that quack asap.


4 thoughts on “PCP

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