The Franks Family Has Entered The Smart Phone World

Breaking News: Yesterday the Franks family traded in their old antique cell phones for Smart Phones!

Franks Family Own New Droid Chargers

The full story…

“We held out as long as we could. Actually, the truth is that we had to wait until we had a small fortune to pay for this major purchase”, confesses wife Lori.

The Franks family wanted to make the purchase 5 months ago before the head of the household had to go out-of-state to work. They said it would have been nice to have the capability to video Skype with each other during his absence. But they all agree, better late than never.

“It was a long, painful wait, because I was forced to use my 3-year-old phone that didn’t even have a full keyboard for a whole month of texting before I got my new smart phone”, grumbled daughter Aliesha.

Aliesha’s mother reports that her daughter’s full keyboard phone quit working after 900 text messages were compiled on a daily basis. “It was just too much for the poor phone to continue to produce”, she stated in a recent press release.

Husband Alan is ecstatic about his new Android 4G Smart Phone. He notes, “My new Droid has an operational plug-in charger that allows the phone’s battery to charge just by plugging it into the power outlet! My old phone’s charging system had been sub-standard for many months now. With this new phone, I no longer have to wrap wires around the battery and make them stay with rubber bands to make a charge connection.”

The entire family seems pretty pleased with their new phones.

Alan spent most of the day today downloading apps. A science facts app, navigational app, Google Sky Map, a journal, a fitness app, a flashlight app, word power, guitar tuner and a Bible. “It’s a start”, he says.

Aliesha thinks it will be awesome to have access to the internet through her new Smart Phone. She said, “When the family computer is in use by my mom or dad, I can still get on Facebook or play Angry Birds.”

Lori said that it will probably take her 2 years to learn how to do everything on the super, amazing phone, just about the same time that the new contract with the cell phone provider runs out and they can upgrade to an even Smarter Phone. She is mostly excited about the navigation app the phone provides and hopes to never get lost again.


4 thoughts on “The Franks Family Has Entered The Smart Phone World

  1. A Scientific Facts App? How have I lived without it! How have I blogged all these months without it? Congrats on the family-wide update. But if I were you, I’d still take a map along …

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