It’s Fun To Workout At The YMCA

I like to write about people who are jerks because I think they are humorous and make a good story.

Now me….I am a sensitive person who puts others first and I never would be so engrossed in the me planet that the other folks around me did not exist. I am almost positive I would not ever be the subject of another author’s humorous jerk blog!

Tonight’s Story: The YMCA Workout Jerk…

Last night Alan and I were at the YMCA working out, we started by 30 minutes on the elliptical machines.  There are signs posted on the walls in the workout room stating, “Please limit your time to 30 minutes on the cardio machines.”

We always obey the rules… so, even if we could physically do a full hour on level 8 with heart rates of 160 bpm, we wouldn’t. Common courtesy.

After our 30 minutes we were sweaty, tired and ready to go home, instead we decided to move over to the weight machines. Such dedication! No pain, no gain, and all that nonsense.

There are also signs on the walls that say, “Please vacate weight machines between reps.” Because Alan and I were working out as a couple, he would do his rep, vacate the machine, I would adjust it for myself, do my rep, then rinse and repeat. Common courtesy.

All was well until….

Some lady comes up to the ab crunch killer machine that we were attempting to master and plops her gym -tote bag down and stares at us. (which is against the rules, it clearly states on another sign , “Please store all belongings in a locker”) We gaze back in her general direction. No words, just looks. Then she walks to the machine next to us…(I think it was the legs o’ steel) she looks at it with disgust, then she turns back to us and asks,

“How many more reps do you have to do?”

My first thought was…”What?!”

My second thought was…”What the….

But being the nice sensitive person I am, I answered, “2”

She then asked, “Each?!”

“Yep.” (smiling sweetly)

“Well I am almost done with my workout and I need to use that machine. Where did you guys start?”, she inquires again.

My first thought was….”What!?”

My second thought was…”What the….

But being the nice sensitive person I am, I answered, “We are just jumping around from machine to machine, having a fun workout.” (thinking….until you showed up)

Then she replied something, not sure what it was because I was so confused. There are no signs on the walls stating that you have to go in a clockwise formation except on Tuesdays between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m. So Alan, being the nice sensitive guy that he is, offered…

“Here, you can have this ab o’ death torture rack. We will move on to something else and come back to it later.” Cheesy smiles all around!

The kicker of this whole YMCA workout episode was the woman was still hanging out 20 minutes later. She was lounging around on some machine with her head down, resting on her arms. I think she may have been napping! Apparently she read the sign differently. In her me planet the sign said, “Please take a 5 minute nap between reps.”





6 thoughts on “It’s Fun To Workout At The YMCA

  1. People are jerks even when they aren’t working out. But I can’t imagine you being included in on of those (read .”mine”) blogs. You manage the humor without the hate! Good for you. I’m going back to the gutter now …

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